Alpena County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Alpena Culvert/Bridge?? 1600ft SE of 3156 Boilore Rd @Fall Creek & North Eastern State Trail
Alpena Bridge ~ D&M 872 W Miller St @ Thunder Bay River
Alpena Bridge ~ D&M 900ft N of 901 Commerce Dr @drain
Alpena Bridge ~ D&M 1.4m E of 1594 King Settlement Rd @AH Trail & Lower S Branch Thunder Bay River
Alpena Facility ~ Lafarge 1435 Ford Ave @Lafarge North America
Alpena Freight ~ D&M 170 W Fletcher St
Alpena Junction ~ D&M Alpena Junction
Alpena Maint Building ~ D&M 1002 Long Lake Rd
Alpena Roundhouse ~ D&M 1002 Long Lake Rd
Alpena Tower ~ D&M 1002 Long Lake Rd
Hillman Bridge ~ D&M 3400ft E of 811 E Progress St @AH Trail & Anchor Creek
Lachine Bridge ~ D&M 1035ft W of 2277 Salina Rd @AH Trail & USB Thunder Bay River
Ossineke Bridge ~ D&M 1200ft SE of 10627 Ossineke Rd @Devils River n/a


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