Antrim County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Alden ??? caboose 10122 SE Torch Lake Dr
Alden RR caboose 10670 Coy St @Museum
Alden PM critter 10670 Coy St @Museum
Alden RR culvert 120ft N of 8057 Franklin St @Spencer Creek & ROW
Alden RR depot 10670 Coy St @Museum
Bellaire PM bridge 2100ft S of 5430 Grass River Rd @Cold Creek & ROW
Bellaire PM bridge 1400ft W of 8547 Cedar Ln @Finch Creek & ROW
Bellaire PM bridge 315 Cedar St
Central Lake GTW caboose 488 NE Torch Lake Dr
Chestonia EJ&S depot 2785 M-66
Green River MC depot 3181 S M 66 Hwy @1000ft S of Green River Rd, E side
Mancelona GR&I depot 112 E State St
Rapid City PM bridge site 1000ft N of 8381 Rapid City Rd Freedom Park @Rapid River & ROW


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