Barry County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Delton Depot ~ CK&S 248 Maple St @ Storage
Delton Marker ~ CK&S RoW 155 E Orchard St
Freeport PM Bridge Site 8899 Montcalm Ave @ Duck Creek
Freeport PM Bridge Site S of 14381 Wolfe Rd @Coldwater River
Hastings Marker ~ CK&S Bridge Hastings Riverwalk @Thornapple Plaza
Hastings Bridge ~ CK&S Riverwalk @Thornapple River
Hastings Bridge ~ MC 1300ft SE of 2264 N Irving Rd @Thornapple River n/a
Hastings Bridge ~ MC 1300ft NE of 1121 M-37@Thornapple River n/a
Hastings Michigan Historical Marker 222 W Apple St
 Hastings Depot ~ MC 266 W Apple St
Hastings Caboose ~ C&O 90248 5800 Head Lake Rd @Camp Michawana
Hickory Corners Caboose ~ DT&I 115 4052 W Hickory Rd
Hickory Corners Depot ~ Marshall (replica) Gilmore Car Museum
Middleville Bridge ~ MC 1400 ft SE of Stagecoach Park @PHT Trail & Mill Pond
Middleville Bridge ~ MC 1950 ft SE of Stagecoach Park @PHT Trail & Mill Pond
Middleville Bridge ~ MC 2.3mi SE of Stagecoach Park @PHT Trail & Thornapple River
Middleville Culvert ~ MC somewhere between 2nd & 3rd bridges
Middleville PHT Trail parking St James Ct @Stagecoach Park
Middleville Depot ~ MC 198 Railroad St
Nashville Depot ~ MC 304 S State St
Nashville Bridge ~ MC 332 S Main St @Quaker Brook
 Vermontville Bridge ~ MC PHT Trail @Thornapple River Trestle Bridge


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