Baraga County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Covington E&LS bridge 2300ft W of S Nestoria Rd @Lateral Creek   n/a
Covington E&LS bridge Murphy Rd. 1.5m E of US-141 @Murphy River
Baraga RR bridge 1000ft E of 229 US-41 @Little Carp River
L'Ance E&LS bridge 1m south of US-41 @Tioga River   n/a
L'Ance SOO bridge W of 150 US-41 @Falls River
L'Ance SOO bridge W of 150 US-41 @Falls River
Herman RR bridge 750ft E of Nestoria Herman Rd @Daults Creek
Michigamme RR bridge S of US-41 @Spur River / George Lake
Michigamme RR wye S of US-41 between Beaufort Lake Rd & Ohio Rd
Nestoria RR wye W of S Nestoria Rd
Watton RR bridge 5200ft N of Tunis Rd @Perch River n/a
Watton DSS&A depot 1156 Salli


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