Branch County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Bronson GTW Caboose 966 Krusca Rd (private)
Coldwater INE Bridge 1200ft E of 379 N Fremont Rd @Sauk River   no access
Coldwater INE Bridge 440ft E of 330 N Behnke Rd @Coldwater River   no access
Coldwater INE Bridge 698 Lott Rd @Sauk River
Coldwater INE Bridge 900ft W of 221 S Clay @Sauk River   no access
Coldwater LS&MS New Depot 29 W Park Ave @Little River Railroad
Coldwater LS&MS Old Depot 31 W Park Ave @Grand Hair Parlor
Coldwater LS&MS Freight 32 Railroad St @Los Tequilas Restaurant
Coldwater Little River Railroad Steam Train 29 W Park Ave @LS&MS Depot
Coldwater Little River RR Shop 543 Butters Ave @Engine House
Quincy INE Bridge 1200ft W of 4151 Squires Rd @S Branch Hog Creek   no access
Quincy Elevator 14 Church St @Star of the West Milling
Union City MAL Bridge @St Joseph River J.P. Palmer Launch @Union City Heritage Water Trail


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