Calhoun County Locations, Structures, Equipment, Artifacts, Etc
Albion Bridge ~ LSMS 400ft W of 403 N Albion St @Kalamazoo River & Albion River Trail
Albion Depot ~ MC 300 N Eaton St @Amtrak
Albion Freight ~ MC 301 N Clinton St @Gina's Pizza & Deli
Albion Office Building ~ DUR 26901 W Michigan Ave
Albion Twp Bridge ~ LS&MS Abnd 430ft E of 7600 Condit Rd @S Branch Kalamazoo River
Albion Twp Bridge ~ LS&MS Abnd 750ft W of 4522  M-99 @South Branch Rice Creek
Albion Twp Bridge ~ LS&MS Abnd 1700ft N of 25984 F-Drive S @N Branch Kalamazoo River
Athens Bridge Site ~ MC 2300ft W of 4240 M66 @ small creek & BC Branch
Athens Twp Bridge Site ~ MC 1700ft W of 4825 M66 @Pine Creek & BC Branch
Athens Twp Bridge Site ~ MC 1000ft N of 401 Burr Oak @Nottawa Creek
Battle Creek Depot ~ Amtrak 119 McCamly St S
Battle Creek Bridge ~ Amtrak 303 Upton Ave
Battle Creek Yard Office ~ CN 101 Hampton Ave
Battle Creek Depot ~ GTW 175 Main St @Community Action
Battle Creek Shops ~ GTW GT Rd S of Vernon Rd
Battle Creek Depot ~ MC 44 McCamly St S @ Clara's on the River
Battle Creek Overpass ~ MC S Wattles Rd @Historic Bridge Park
Battle Creek Freight ~ MC 46 N Monroe St
Battle Creek Yard ~ CN 800 E Emmett St
Battle Creek Yard ~ NS 436 Porter St @Hinman Yard
Condit Caboose ~ D&TSL 120 Condit
East Leroy Bridge Site ~ MC 200ft E of 9640 4 Mile Rd @Severance Creek
East Leroy Grade Xing Site ~ MC 3985 K Dr S @Elevator
Homer (Condit) Caboose ~ D&TSL 120 25974 J Dr S
Homer depot??? 23158 M-60 ???
Marshall Caboose ~ GDLK 13 18935 15 Mile Rd @Cornwells Turkeyville
Marshall Depot ~ Interurban 220 W Michigan Ave @Walters Gasoline Museum
Union City Bridge ~ MAL J.P. Palmer Launch @Union City Heritage Water Trail


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