Chippewa County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Brimley Bridge ~ SOO 2953 W 6 Mile Rd & Beaver Meadow Creek
Brimly Bridge Abutments E of Depot St @Waiska River
Brimly Box Car 7252 S M221 @AJ's Railroad Contractors
Brimley Caboose ~ PH&D 6799 Depot St @Wheels of History Museum
Brimley Depot ~ replica 6799 Depot St @Wheels of History Museum
Brimley   Depot (Dafter) ~ DSS&A 11607 W Irish Line Rd
Brimley Rail Car ~ Algoma Central 6799 Depot St @Wheels of History Museum
Dollar Settlement Rail Car 18000 W Lakeshore Dr
Kinross Facility N of 10691 W Hassett Dr @Kinross Rd & log loading area
Rudyard Bridge ~ CN 160ft W of 17146 S Mackinac Trail @Munuscong River
Rudyard Bridge ~ CN 1500ft S of 12713 Trout Lake Rd @Pine River
Rudyard Bridge ~ CN 300ft N of 11215 Trout Lake Rd @North Pine River
Sault Ste Marie Bridge W Pier Drive @International Bridge
Sault Ste Marie Bridge Portage Ave @St Mary's River
Sault Ste Marie Bridge 2950 W 6 Mile Rd @Beaver Meadow Creek
Sault Ste Marie Freight ~ SOO 550 Emeline St
Sault Ste Marie   Freight ~ SOO 675 Ridge St @W Portage Ave
Sault Ste Marie     Interurban Car Barn ~ SSM StRy 1001 E Easterday Ave @Ice Rink
Sault Ste Marie Yard Office ~ CN 1286 W 12th St @tracks
Trout Lake Bridge ~ SOO 21469 Trout Lake Rd @Kneebone Creek
Trout Lake Depot ~ SOO / DSS&A  21248 Trout Lake Rd


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