Dickinson County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Bark River   diamond M-69 / F Rd @SOO & Felch Grade Trail crossings
Channing E&LS bridge 1.5m W of town @Ford River   no access
Channing E&LS bridge 550ft W of M-95 S of town @Ford River
Channing E&LS depot 601 M-95 / Railroad Ave
Channing E&LS shop/yard 610 Railroad Ave
Foster City Trail bridge E of Cheese Factory Rd @FG Trail & EB Sturgeon River
Hermansville RR bridge 500ft W of 1st St @ Hermansville Lake
Hermansville AC caboose IXL Historical Museum
Hermansville SOO rail car IXL Historical Museum
Iron Mountain E&LS N bridge 190ft E of N6375 Bass Lake Rd/CR 607 @Badwater Creek
Iron Mountain E&LS S bridge 790ft E of N5962 Bass Lake Rd/CR 607 @Badwater Creek
Iron Mountain C&NW bridge 1 Rivers Bend Campground @Menominee River & Trail
Iron Mountain MILW depot 122 E C Street
Iron Mountain C&NW depot 340 S Stephenson
Iron Mountain W&M freight 124 E H St
Iron Mountain RR overpass 1600 N Milwaukee Ave
Iron Mountain RR overpass 1722 N Milwaukee Ave
Kingsford EL&S bridge 2 3200ft S of 800 State St @Menominee River
Loretto RR bridge 1 925ft N of W4051 US-2 @Sturgeon River
Norway CN overpass W6002 US-2
Norway CN overpass 1200 Main St
Norway C&NW depot approx 441 12th Ave, just W of Hillcrest Dr
Perronville Trail bridge M69 / G30 @Felch Grade Trail & Helps Creek
Perronville Trail bridge M69 / G30 @Felch Grade Trail & SB Ford River
Perronville Trail bridge 1 M69 / G30 @Felch Grade Trail & Tenmile Creek
Perronville Trail bridge 2 M69 / G30 @Felch Grade Trail & Tenmile Creek
Perronville Trail bridge 3 M69 / G30 @Felch Grade Trail & Tenmile Creek
Perronville Trail bridge 4 M69 / G30 @Felch Grade Trail & Tenmile Creek
Quinnesec MILW bridge 3 S of town @ Little Quinnesec Falls / Menominee River
Quinnesec CN bridge 400ft S of US-2 @Fumee Creek Falls Park
Quinnesec   facility Paper Mill
Quinnesec   facility Specialty Minerals
Quinnesec CN overpass 400ft S of US-2 @US-141
Randville EL&S bridge 365ft E of County Rd 607 @Tom Kings Creek
Randville RR caboose N7405 M-95 @pulpwood loading facility
Randville EL&S culvert N pf M-95 & Carbis Rd @W Branch Sturgeon River
Randville MILW depot M-95 & Carbis Rd
Randville Mine mine site Groveland Mine Rd
Republic E&LS bridge 1 800ft W of M-95 & Johnson Rd @Michigamme River
Republic EL&S bridge 2 700ftS E of CR 601 & River Rd @Michigamme River
Republic EL&S bridge 1600ft E of CR 601 & 18 Rd @Trout Falls Creek
Republic EL&S bridge 1000ft S of CR 601 & Kerkela's Rd @No Name Creek
Sagola EL&S bridge Bush Lake & Kramer Rd @W Branch Sturgeon River
Sagola E&LS arch bridge 275ft W of M-95 @W Branch Sturgeon River
Sagola RR facility Louisiana-Pacific Corporation  M-95
Turner RR railcar Turner Rd & Hintz Rd
Vulcan ELS bridge 2 1100ft S of Sturgeon Mill Rd @Sturgeon River


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