Huron County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment, & Artifacts

Bad Axe HESR bridge 650 Whitelam St @Wilcox Park & Bad Axe Creek
Bad Axe HESR bridge 725ft S of E Richardson Rd @Richardson Drain  no access
Bad Axe PM depot 698 E Huron Ave
Bad Axe RR elevator 703 E Woodworth St
Bad Axe RR elevator 280 Thompson Rd
Bad Axe HESR engine house 699 E Irwin St
Bay Port HESR small bridge 10001 Pigeon Rd @drain
Bay Port HESR bridge 745 Kuhl Rd @Shebeon Creek
Bay Port   facility 8785 Ribble Rd @Wallace Stone
Caseville GTW moved to Port Austin 3572 Whippoorwill Haven Dr
Elkton HESR bridge 4888 Pigeon Rd @Pinnebog River
Elkton HESR bridge 83 Barbara St @Elkton Drain
Elkton PM depot 70 Main St @antique store
Elkton   elevator 4245 Pigeon Rd  @Co-Op East
Elkton   elevator 4993 Railroad St @Co-Op West
Elkton   elevator 4900 Mill St
Filion HESR bridge 1000ft N of 305 E Filion Rd @drain
Filion   facility 246 Cross Rd @Bio-Ag of Michigan
Harbor Beach PM depot 2044 N Lake Shore Rd @Train Station Motel
Harbor Beach   steam engine 150 State St @Huron Milling Co 0-4-0 Porter
Kinde   elevator 338 Main St @Farmers Co-Op Grain
Owendale GTW depot Sebewaing Rd @ S Elkton Rd
Pigeon HESR bridge 500ft N of 7724 Pigeon Rd @Pigeon River
Pigeon PM/GTW depot 69 S Main @museum
Pigeon CO-OP elevator 7400 Michigan Ave @CO-OP Elevator
Pigeon CO-OP elevator 7211 E Michigan Ave @CO_OP Elevator
Pigeon   elevator 414 Berne St @elevator
Pigeon   elevator 7564 Pigeon Rd @Active Feed Co
Port Austin   ??? 146 E Spring St
Port Austin   Caseville depot 3572 Whippoorwill Haven Dr
Port Hope PM depot 8287 State St
Sebewaing HESR bridge N of 590 W Sebewaing St @Sebewaing River
Sebewaing C&O caboose 3 S Miller St
Sebewaing PM depot 437 Union St
Sebewaing   elevator 354 Union St @Bayside Best Beans
Sebewaing   elevator 314 Union St @elevator
Sebewaing   facility 947 Pine St @Michigan Sugar
Ubly HESR bridge E of 2499 Riverview St @N Branch Cass River
Ubly   elevator 2324 E Atwater Rd @ADM Edible Beans


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