Ingham County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
East Lansing Bridge ~ GTW S of Dawn Ave
East Lansing Bridge ~ CSX S of 2872 Mt Hope Rd @Herron Creek
East Lansing Depot ~ AMT 1240 S Harrison Rd
East Lansing Diamond ~ CN / CSX 1171 Trowbridge Rd
East Lansing Historical Marker 410 Abbott Rd
East Lansing Overpass ~ CN 1129 Farm Lane N of Service Rd
East Lansing Overpass ~ CSX 4301 Farm Lane S of Service Rd
Lansing Bridge ~ MC NW of Maguire Park & Jolly Rd @Sycamore Creek & River Trail
Lansing Bridge ~ MC W of 1801 N MLK Blvd @Grand River
Lansing Bridge ~ LS&MS 201 E Shiawassee St @Grand River/Riverwalk Trail
Lansing Bridge ~ GTW E of 1400 N Aurelius Rd @Red Cedar River & Riverwalk Trail
Lansing Bridge ~ GTW W of 1316 S Pennsylvania Ave @Red Cedar River & Riverwalk Trail
Lansing Bridge ~ GTW W of 1212 S Washington St @Grand River
Lansing Bridge ~ C&O W of Aurelius Rd @Red Cedar River & Riverwalk Trail
Lansing Bridge ~ MC Lansing  River Trail @Red Cedar River
Lansing Caboose BWL Power Plant Display Caboose
Lansing Coal Tower ~ GTW E of 1305 N Aurelius Rd
Lansing Crane 2904 Snow Rd
Lansing Depot ~ PM/MC 637 E Michigan Ave
Lansing Depot ~ GTW 1203 S Washington Ave
Lansing Diamond ~ GTW/MC 701 E South St
Lansing Engine House ~ C&O 2501 Taylor St (gone)
Lansing Freight MC 703 E Michigan Ave
Lansing Locomotive 2996 S MLK Jr Blvd @Reid Iron & Metal
Lansing locomotive ~ Padnos 1644 Sunset Ave @Padnos Iron & Metal
Lansing Locomotive ~ GLLX 3275 N MLK Jr Blvd  @Stoneco Yard
Lansing Historical Marker ~ SoM 637 E Michigan Ave
Lansing Historical Marker ~ SoM 1203 S Washington Ave
Lansing Historical Marker CoL 1203 S Washington Ave
Lansing Overpass ~ GTW 1316 S Pennsylvania Ave @Riverwalk Trail
Lansing Overpass ~ GTW Lansing Rd
Lansing Overpass ~ C&O 700 E Oakland Ave
Lansing Overpass ~ C&O 701 E Saginaw St
Lansing Yard ~ MC Cavanaugh 1409 E Cavanaugh Rd
Lansing Yard Office ~ CSX Ensel 2898 N MLK Jr Blvd @Old Office
Lansing Yard Office ~ CSX Ensel 2501 Taylor St @New Office
Lansing Yard ~ MC Stanley 2000 Oakland St @Stanley St
Lansing Passenger Car ~ MC 637 E Michigan Ave
Lansing Facility/Station ~ LS&MS 313 E Grand River Ave
Lansing Signal Building ~ NYC 635 E Grand River Ave
Leslie Depot ~ MC 107 Covert St @Leslie Depot Diner
Leslie Freight House ~ MC 305 E Race St
Mason Bridge ~ MC 300 W Maple St @Sycamore Creek
Mason Bridge  
Mason Bridge  
Mason Bridge Foundation  
Mason Depot ~ MC 111 Mason St  @Mason Depot Diner
Mason Engine House ~ JAIL 341 Mason St
Mason Historical Marker ~ IC 111 Mason St  @Mason Depot Diner
Onondaga Bridge ~ MC 4809 Old Plank Rd @Grand River
Webberville Freight House ~ PM 421 S Summit St @Elevator
Webberville Facility & Switcher 2700 M-52 @ADM Plant
Williamston Depot ~ PM 369 W Grand River Ave @Depot Museum
Williamston Maint Bldg ~ CSX 540 S Putnam St


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