Ionia County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Belding Depot ~ PM

140 Gibson St @Flat River Trail
Belding Downtown Bridge ~ PM E of 215 N Bridge St @Flat River Trail & Flat River
Belding South Bridge ~ PM 598 W State St @Flat River Trail & Flat River
Belding Bridge ~ Stone Twin Arch 6642 Long Lake Rd @Dickerson Creek
Belding North Bridge ~ PM S of 6828 Long Lake Rd @Flat River Trail & Flat River
Freeport Bridge Site ~ PM 8899 Montcalm Ave @ Duck Creek
Freeport Bridge Site ~ PM S of 14381 Wolfe Rd @Coldwater River
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW GR Valley Trail @Grand River
Ionia Bridge location? gone
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW GRV Trail   @No Name Creek
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW GRV Trail @Tibbetts Creek
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW GRV Trail @Sessions Creek
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW GRV Trail   unnamed creek or drain 4
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW GRV Trail   @Crooked Creek
Ionia Bridge ~ GTW 2807 E Main St @CIS Trail & Prairie Creek
Ionia Caboose ~ GTW 75004 298 S Jackson St @Railroad St
Ionia Depot ~ GTW 301 W Adams St
Ionia Store Building ~ PM Railroad St
Ionia Bridge ~ PM 1 Quarry Rd @Grand River
Lake Odessa Depot ~ PM 1155 Emerson St @ Depot Museum
Lake Odessa Caboose GTW 77945 1155 Emerson St
Muir Bridge ~ GTW E of 148 Plain St @CIS Trail & Maple River
Muir Bridge ~ GTW 8659 E M21 @CIS Trail & Stoney Creek
Pewamo Bridge ~ GTW 10507 E M21 @CIS Trail
Pewamo Depot ~ GTW replica 198 E Main St @ CIS Trail
Pewamo Pewamo Ruel Drain
Portland Bridge ~ PM Portland Riverwalk @Grand River
Saranac Bridge ~ GTW N Bridge St @CIS Trail & Lake Creek
Saranac Depot ~ GTW N Bridge St @Depot Museum
Saranac Caboose ~ DTSL Caboose N Bridge St @Depot Museum
Shiloh 520 Long Lake Rd @Abandoned Grade Crossing


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