Macomb County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Armada Bridge ~ GTW 850ft W of 73192 Fulton St @M-O Trail & Coon Creek E Branch
Armada Bridge ~ GTW 350ft W of 72000 Coon Creek Rd @M-O Trail & Coon Creek
Armada Depot ~ GTW 73385 Church St (private)
Armada Freight ~ GTW 23272 Depot St @Macomb Orchard Trail
Fraser Depot ~ GTW 17120 Depot St
Mt Clemens Depot ~ GTW 200 Grand Ave @Michigan Transit Museum
Mt Clemens Rolling Stock 43282 North Ave
New Haven Depot ~ GTW 58795 Victoria St @New Haven Historical Society Museum
Richmond (Columbus) Depot ~ GTW 36045 Park St @Richmond Historic Village & Bailey Memorial Park
Richmond Twp Bridge ~ GTW 200ft N of 37701 Pound Rd @Gillette Drain
Richmond Wye ~ GTW 500ft E of 68771 Oak St
Romeo Bridge ~ GTW 1400ft E of 39998 Powell Rd @M-O Trail & NB Clinton River
Romeo Bridge ~ GTW 3600ft W of 39998 Powell Rd @M-O Trail & East Pond Creek
Romeo Trail Parking 39998 Powell Rd @Macomb Orchard Trail
Roseville Caboose ~ GTW 77136 32215 Little Mack Ave
St Clair Shores Marker 24800 Jefferson Ave @Park
Smith's Creek Depot ~ RR 28689 Armada Ridge Rd. E of Armada (private)
Washington Bridge ~ RR 1900 ft N  of 11601 29 Mile Rd @M-O Trail & Price Brook
Washington Bridge ~ RR W of 59850 Van Dyke @Macomb Orchard Trail & creek
Washington Depot 63160 Van Dyke Rd./29 Mile Rd @party store
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