Mackinac County Locations, Structures, Equipment, Artifacts, Etc
Cedarville Overpass ~ MLC 3271 E Swede Rd @limestone mine facility
Cedarville Overpass ~ MLC 4047 M-134 @limestone loading facility
Engadine Bridge ~ CN 13094 Hiawatha Trail @Millecoquins River
Gilcrist Bridge ~ CN 1.2m NE of town @Black River (no access)
Moran Bridge ~ DSS&A 4.7m  NW of Moran on M123@Creek & St Ignace-Trout Lake Trail
Moran Bridge ~ DSS&A M123 N of Moran@Carp River &St Ignace-Trout Lake Trail
Moran Culvert ~ DSS&A M123 N of Moran@Bissell Creek & St Ignace-Trout Creek Trail
Ozark Depot/Boxcar? ~ DSS&A boxcar used as depot, relocated to  2423 Ozark Rd
St Ignace Depot DSS&A 1154 US-2 @Curio Fair Gift Shop
St Ignace Depot/Freight ~ DSS&A 251 N State St @Mackinac Grille
St Ignace Boxcars ~ DSS&A 251 N State St @Star Line Ferry Dock
St Ignace Caboose ~ GTW 75023 251 N State St @Mackinac Grille
St Ignace Ferry Dock Remains ~ DSS&A 251 N State St @Wawatam Park


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