Manistee County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Bear Lake   bridge
Copemish AA depot relocated south of Glen Arbor, 6127 Ray St.(S.R. 22)
Freesoil RR bridge link
Kaleva M&NE bridge remains 1500ft E of 8248 McClellan Rd @Bear Creek
Kaleva M&NE depot link
Kaleva M&NE EMD link
Manistee MQT bridge 500ft S of 20 Park Ave @Manistee River N Channel   no access
Manistee MQT bridge 1200ft SE of 20 Park Ave @Manistee River S Channel   no access
Manistee PM? caboose 255 River St
Manistee PM carferry
Manistee M&NE depot 255 River St
Manistee PM depot 258 River St
Manistee M&NE engine house E of 301 Ramsdell St
Manistee ME&W IC 480 Water St @Johnson Funeral Home
Manistee PM roundhouse E of 301 Ramsdell St
Manistee MQT swing bridge N of 89 Jones St
Manistee MQT N yard 198 Cleveland St
Manistee MQT S yard E of 301 Ramsdell St
Stronach MQT bridge 1100ft SE of1580 Stronach Rd @Tank Creek  no access
Wellston PM lost bridge 2400ft E of N High Bridge Rd & Access Site @Manistee River


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