Marquette County Locations, Structures, Equipment, Artifacts, Etc
Big Bay Depot ~ LS&I Co Rd 550
Champion Bridges 2 US-41 / M28 @Peshekee River
Champion Bridge RCG Trail S of M-28/US-41 @R/C Grade Trail & Halfway Creek
Champion culverts 2 RCG Trail 2 m S of M-28/US-41 @R/C Grade Trail & No Name Creek
Champion bridges 3&4 RCG Trail 3600ft N of M-95 @R/C Grade Trail & Black River
Champion bridges 5 RCG Trail 500ft N of M-95 @R/C Grade Trail & Black River
Champion bridges 6 RCG Trail 2000ft S of M-95 @R/C Grade Trail & Black River
Diorite Bridge 850ft W of 28754 Co Rd 496
Diorite Bridge Number 9 location???
Eagle Mills Bridge ~ RR Carp River @IO Heritage Trail
Eagle Mills Bridge ~ LS&I Carp River #2
Eagle Mills Bridge ~ LS&I Carp River #1
Eagle Mills Shop & Yard ~ LS&I County Rd 492 @Pump House Rd
Ely Twp What Is It??? 3598 Blueberry Mine Rd
Greenwood Bridge ~ MR 4713-4617 County Rd Cl
Greenwood Bridge Rail Trail @Carp Creek
Gordon Trailhead 128 Co Rd BI / Kawbawgam Rd
Harvey Bridge ~ SOO S of 179 Bayou St @IOH Trail & Chocolay Bayou
Harvey Bridge ~ SOO 950ft N of 200 W Main St @IOH Trail & Chocolay River South
Harvey Overpass ~ SOO 1267 M-28 @IO Heritage Trail
Humbolt Bridge ~ RR US41 @M Branch Escanaba River
Humbolt Bridge ~ RR 1500ft N of 11522 US-41 @M Branch Escanaba River n/a
Ishpeming Culverts & Wye 560ft SE of 957 Greenwood St
Ishpeming Depot ~ LS&I 416 S Pine St
Ishpeming Freight ~ C&NW Lakeshore Drive @Carson Rd
Ishpeming Engine House ~ DSS&A Lakeshore Drive @Carson Rd
Ishpeming Overpass ~ RR 1408 N 2nd St
Ishpeming Overpass ~ CN Lakeshore Drive @M-41
Ishpeming Overpass ~ RR 1476 N 3rd St
Ishpeming Yard Office ~ DSS&A Lakeshore Drive @Carson Rd
Little Lake Yard Office ~ C&NW 1745 Co Rd EJ
Marquette Abnd Bridge ~ DSS&A M28 & Lake St @Carp River & I/O Heritage Trail
Marquette Depot/Office ~ LS&I 105 E Lakeshore Blvd @Iron Bay Restaurant & Drinkery
Marquette Depot ~ DSS&A 204 S 5th St
Marquette Depot / Office ~ DSS&A 107 Main St
Marquette Freight ~ DSS&A Link
Marquette Ore Dock ~ LS&I Link
Marquette Ore Dock ~ SOO 257 S Lakeshore Blvd
Marquette Overpass ~ DSS&A Iron Ore Heritage Trail @US41 / M28
Marquette Roundhouse ~ DSS&A gone
Michigamme Bridge ~ EL&S S of M-28 / US-41 @Peshekee River
Michigamme Bridge ~ EL&S 1900ft E of M-28 / US-41 Michigamme Roadside Park
Negaunee Bridge ~ DSS&A 2000ft E of 1300 Maas St @Carp River & IO Heritage Trail
Negaunee Bridge ~ LS&I Dead River @ Trestle Falls
Negaunee Bridge ~ LS&I S of M28 @I/O Heritage Trail & Bagdad Bridge
Negaunee Bridge ~ LS&I 1200 ft N of  CR492 @ Research Dr@Morgan Creek (no access)
Negaunee Bridge ~ CN Co Rd 480
Negaunee Depot ~ DSS&A 301 Gold St @Rail St
Negaunee Freight ~ DSS&A 301 Gold St @Rail St
Negaunee Overpass ~ LS&I US-41 / M28
Negaunee Overpass ~ CN 839 N Teal Lake Ave
Negaunee Overpass ~ CN Rail St @ Silver St
Negaunee Shop ~ LS&I Eagle Mills
Negaunee Yard ~ LS&I Eagle Mills
Pluto Bridge Ely Creek
Pluto Bridge Ely Creek
Presque Isle Depot ~ LS&I /M&HM Lake Shore Blvd
Presque Isle Loco & Cab ~ LS&I Lake Shore Blvd
Presque Isle Ore Dock ~ LS&I Lake Shore Blvd
Presque Isle Rail Cars ~ M&HM Lake Shore Blvd behind Depot
Republic Bridge 7 ~ RCG Trail 3100ft N of Co Rd 601@R/C Grade Trail & Black River
Republic Bridge 8 ~ RCG Trail 1200ft N of Co Rd 601@R/C Grade Trail & Black River
Republic Bridge 9 ~ RCG Trail 1900ft S of Co Rd 601@R/C Grade Trail & Black River
Republic Bridge 10 ~ RCG Trail 2800ft N of Co Rd LF @R/C Grade Trail & Bruce Creek
Republic Bridge ~ RCG Trail SE of Co Rd 601 & River Rd @Michigamme River
Republic Bridge ~ RR Abandoned
Republic Bridge ~ RR Abandoned
Richland Twp Bridge ~ CN Goose Lake Inlet
Richland Twp Bridge ~ CN Goose Lake Outlet
Sand River Bridge ~ SOO 2300ft W of Sand River Rd & Rail Rd Ln @ROW & Sand River
Sidnaw Maint Bldg ~ RR Link
Winthrop Junction Washington St @Winthrop St

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