Mecosta County

Railroad Station Historical Society

Bridge Hunter

FM White Pine State Trail Park    Sand Lake to Stanwood

Historic Bridges

Google Map Links to Existing Structures & Equipment

Big Rapids GR&I Depot 898 Maple St @White Pine Trail
Big Rapids GR&I Bridge S 2200ft N of 20173 Spruce Rd @Dalziel Creek & WP Trail
Big Rapids GR&I Bridge 1000ft S of 20173 Spruce Rd @Muskegon River & WP Trail
Big Rapids ?? Bridge E Grand Traverse St @Muskegon River Riverwalk
Morley GR&I Bridge 1261ft S of 3999 180th St @small creek & WP Trail
Morley GR&I Bridge 100 ft W of 11362 Federal Rd @Handy Creek & WP Trail
Morley GR&I Overpass 3220 Northland Drive @Overpass WP Trail
Morley GR&I Bridge 520 S Cass St @Little Muskegon River WP Trail
Paris GR&I Bridge 21400 Northland Dr @Paris Creek & WP Trail
Stanwood GR&I Bridge 6983 S State Rd @Macks Creek WP Trail


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