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Carleton   Tower 974 Monroe St
Carleton RR Bridge 4528 Ohara Rd @ Stony Creek
Carleton RR Bridge 4528 Ohara Rd @ Swan Creek (no access)
Diann RR Tower No Access
Dundee CN Bridge 1400ft NE of 11743 Dixon Rd
Dundee AA Office 596 E Main St
Dundee AA Bridge 333 E Monroe St @River Raisin
Durban DT&I Bridge no road access
Erie DM&T Interurban 8565 S Dixie Hwy
Erie C&O Maint Bldg 1709 Erie Rd
Federman LSMS Depot 3775 S Custer Rd Monroe @Fairgrounds
LaSalle   Bridges 5066 Laplaisance Rd @Otter Creek
LaSalle DM&T   4400 N Otter Creek Rd
Milan WAB Depot Wabash/Redman
Milan   Depot 17 Allen Rd @Elevator
Milan   Bridge 51 Neckel Ct @Park Trail
Monroe DM&TSL IC North Monroe just north of intersection with Elm Ave. behind restaurant
Monroe DM&TSL IF relocated slightly on E. Willow St. east of N. Monroe St.
Monroe D&TSL Freight 1250 E. First St.
Monroe D&TSL Bridge Raisin R., between E. Front. St. and E. Elm Ave
Monroe LS&MS Depot west of town at Monroe County Fairgrounds (Federman)
Monroe NYC (MC) Bridge Raisin R., east of Winchester St. between E. Front St./E. Elm Ave.
Monroe NYC (LSMS) Bridge Raisin R. between E. Front St./E. Elm Ave
Monroe PM Bridge Raisin R.,west of Roessler St., north of W. Front St.
Newport RR bridge E of 8599 Drew St @Swan Creek
Newport NS bridge 8299 Brandon Rd @Swan Creek
Newport LS&MS Depot moved behind Newport Community Church on Swan Creek Rd.
Petersburg LS&MS Bridge Raisin River, W. Railroad St. just west of Rose Rd.
Maybee   Elevator 7798 Bluebush Rd
Rockwood Rep LSMS   32787 Wood St
South Rockwood NS Bridge 12706 N Dixie Hwy
South Rockwood NS Bridge 6733 S Huron Rd @Labo Park
Temperance AA Depot moved to 13309 Dunlap Rd

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