Ontonagon County   Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

Bergland Trail bridge W of Old E Shore Rd @Ontonagon River & Trail
Bergland RR bridge M-28 W of M-64 @Wapato Creek & Trail
Bruce Crossing DSS&A depot 5551 M-28
Bruce Crossing DSS&A bridge M-28 W of Brown Rd  @Baltimore River
Ewen RR bridge S of M28 @South Branch Ontonagon River
Greenland CRR depot link
City CRR bridge Firesteel River
Mass City E&LS bridge 400ft E of 231 Rousseau Rd @Adventure Creek
Ontonagon MILW bridge 400ft W of Zinc & Gold St @Ontonagon River
Ontonagon MILW wye bridges 200ft W of Zinc & Gold St @Ontonagon River
Ontonagon MILW depot on site
Trout Creek DSS&A depot on site
White Pine   rail yard Main St
White Pine   wye on site


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Bill Nichols Trail

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