Ottawa County   Locations, Structures, Equipment, Artifacts, Etc

Allendale RI Rail Car 6622 M-45
Conklin RR Culvert? 533 ft S of 3691 Sehler St @Beaver Creek & Musketawa Trail
Conklin RR Bridge 655 ft NW of 20407 40th Ave @Rio Grande Creek & Musketawa Trail
Conklin Elevator 19686 Main St
Conklin Trail Parking Lot 19623 Main St @Musketawa Trail
Coopersville GRGHM Spring Lake Depot 353 Main St
Coopersville C&M Depot 311 Danforth St
Coopersville C&M Engine House 311 Danforth St
Coopersville RR Interurban Car 353 Main St
Coopersville GRGHM Depot Museum 363 Main St
Coopersville GTW Greenville Tower 228 Main St
Coopersville C&M Railroad 311 Danforth St
Coopersville C&M Bridge 98 Main St @Deer Creek
Forest Grove Interurban 4020 22nd Ave, Hudsonville
Grand Haven CSX Swing Bridge 2 Harbor Island Dr @Grand River
Grand Haven CSX Bridge 150ft S of 11Coho Dr @Grand River
Grand Haven PM Depot 333 Jackson St @tracks
Grand Haven GTW Depot 23 N Harbor Dr @Tri-Cities Transportation Museum
Grand Haven GTW Coal Tower 301 N Harbor Dr
Grand Haven PM Steam Engine 301 N Harbor Dr
Grand Haven RR Cabooses & Box Car 301 N Harbor Dr
Harlem   Elevator 13400 Van Buren St @Hamilton Feed
Holland PM Bridge E of Lincoln Ave @ Macatawa River
Holland PM Caboose 171 Lincoln Ave
Holland AMT Depot 171 Lincoln Ave
Holland PM Freight E 7th St, West of Lincoln ??
Holland PM Roundhouse Waverly Yard ??
Holland CSX Yard end of Kent St @Waverly Yard
Jenison   Bridge 21 Baldwin St @Rush Creek
Marne CM Bridge 1100 ft SE of 184 Hayes St @Musketawa-WP Trail Connector & Creek
Marne CM Overpass 15143 24th Ave
Marne GRGHM Depot 1580 Arch St
Marne Pass Rail Cars 1384 Comstock St
Marne Trail Parking 15285 8th Ave @Musketawa Trail
Nunica GT East Bridge 4900ft E of 17000 112th St @Crockery Creek
Nunica GT West Bridge 4200ft E of 17000 112th St @Crockery Creek
Spring Lake GTW depot 14599 Cleveland St
West Olive Bridge 8227 W Olive Rd @Pigeon Creek
Zeeland RR Interurban 37 E Main St

Holland Overpass I-96BL & E 40th St

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