Shiawassee County

Locations, Structures, Equipment, Artifacts, Etc

Bancroft GTW Bridge Geeck Rd County Park @6205 Exchange Rd
Byron AA Bridge Shiawassee River   no road access
Byron AA Depot    103 Holloway Dr
Carland AA Depot    Riley Rd ??
Corunna GTW Caboose McCurdy Park
Durand GTW Baggage Car 299 W Clinton St
Durand   Bridge 7428 Newberry Rd
Durand HESR Bridge Threemile Creek   no road access
Durand HESR Bridge Webb Creek @Leisure Lakes
Durand GTW Caboose 198 Hagle St
Durand GTW Coal Tower HESR Yard
Durand GTW-AA Depot    Durand Union Station
Durand AA Depot (Vernon) 8298 Lansing Rd @Golf Course
Durand GTW Interlocking Tower 299 W Clinton St
Durand GTW Office Bldg @end of Scougle St
Durand GTW Shop 299 N Oak
Durand GTW Steam Engine 299 W Clinton St
Durand HESR Yard Bldg end of Brookfield St
Durand  former RR YMCA 205 E Main St
Laingsburg MC Depot 110 Railroad St
Lennon HESR Bridge N of Calkins Rd @Mistequay Creek   no road access
Morrice Mich Electric Grade 3544 S Morrice Rd @Maple River
Owosso AA Bridge King Rd
Owosso GTW Depot 681 S Washington St
Owosso GTW Freight 681 S Washington St
Owosso AA Shop 599 E Howard St
Owosso   SRI 405 S Washington St
Owosso rural CIS creek or drain 6537 McBride Rd
Owosso rural CIS creek or drain 3920 McBride Rd
Vernon Siding Bridge 4037 Maple St @ Shiawassee River
Vernon Siding Bridge W Main St at tracks
Vernon AA Bridge Pratt Drain   no road access
Vernon AA Bridge Shiawassee River  W of 331 Washington


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