Shiawassee County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Bancroft Bridge ~ GTW Geeck Rd County Park @6205 Exchange Rd
Byron Bridge ~ AA Shiawassee River   no road access
Byron Depot ~ AA 103 Holloway Dr
Carland  Depot ~ AA   Riley Rd ??
Carland Bridge ~ AA Baker Creek
Corunna Caboose ~ GTW 77946 McCurdy Park
Durand Baggage Car ~ GTW 299 W Clinton St
Durand  Bridge S of 12299 Reid Rd
Durand Bridge ~ GTW 7428 Newberry Rd
Durand Bridge ~ HESR Threemile Creek   no road access
Durand Bridge ~ HESR Webb Creek @Leisure Lakes
Durand Caboose ~ GTW 75003 198 Hagle St
Durand Coal Tower ~ GTW HESR Yard
Durand Depot ~ GTW/AA  Durand Union Station
Durand Depot (Vernon) ~ AA 8298 Lansing Rd @Golf Course
Durand Interlocking Tower ~ GTW 299 W Clinton St
Durand Office Bldg ~ GTW @end of Scougle St
Durand Shop ~ GTW 299 N Oak
Durand Steam Engine ~ GTW 5632 299 W Clinton St
Durand Yard Bldg ~ HESR end of Brookfield St
Durand former Railroad YMCA 205 E Main St
Gaines Twp Bridge ~ CN S of 12381 Reid Rd @Jones Creek
Laingsburg Depot ~ MC 110 Railroad St
Lennon Bridge ~ HESR N of Calkins Rd @Mistequay Creek   no road access
Lennon Elevator 11810 Lennon Rd
Morrice Grade ~ Mich Electric 3544 S Morrice Rd @Maple River
Owosso Bridge ~ AA King Rd
Owosso Depot ~ GTW 681 S Washington St
Owosso Freight ~ GTW 681 S Washington St
Owosso Shop ~ AA 599 E Howard St
Owosso Steam Railroading Institute 405 S Washington St
Owosso rural creek or drain ~ CIS 6537 McBride Rd
Owosso rural creek or drain ~ CIS 3920 McBride Rd
Vernon Bridge ~ AA 4037 Maple St @ Shiawassee River
Vernon Bridge ~ AA W Main St at tracks
Vernon Bridge ~ AA Pratt Drain   no road access
Vernon Bridge ~ AA Shiawassee River  W of 331 Washington


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