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Akron HESR Elevator Railroad St
Caro RR Facility Biorefining Facility
Caro PM Depot (Ubly) 1680 E Caro Rd
Caro GT Caboose 1680 E Caro Rd
Caro Sweet Steam Engine 1680 E Caro Rd
Caro RR Facility Michigan Sugar Plant
Fairgrove RR Elevator E of 2215 Main St   Elevator North
Fairgrove RR Elevator 464 N Vassar Rd   South Elevator
Gagetown GTW Depot Gagetown   Depot GTW
Gilford RR Depot PM moved NW of Reese
Gilford HESR Elevator Gilford   Elevator
Kingston RR Depot Kingston   Depot GTW
Mayville RR Elevator Mayville   Elevator
Mayville RR Depot Depot PM Museum
Mayville RR Caboose Caboose GTW, Speeder Car
Mayville RR Depot (Vassar) Vassar  Depot PM
Reese RR Elevator Elevators and Diamond Crossing
Richville RR Elevator Richville   Elevator
Unionville RR Elevator Unionville   Elevator East
Unionville RR Elevator Unionville   Elevator West
Vassar RR Engine House Engine House HESR
Vassar RR Depot Depot MC
Vassar RR Elevator Vassar   Elevator
Vassar HESR Bridge N of 601 Water St @Cass River
Vassar RR Bridge Bridge Mural
Vassar RR Bridge E of 499 S Main @Cass River
Vassar RR Bridge Vassar   Bridge Grant St

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