Tuscola County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Akron Elevator 3615 Davis St @Cooperative Elevator Co
Bay Port Bridge ~ HESR 375ft E of 750 Kuhl Rd @Shebeon Creek
Caro Caboose ~ GTW 75019 1680 E Caro Rd
Caro Depot ~ PM  (Ubly) 1680 E Caro Rd
Caro Depot ~ DBC&W   photo link 421 Wells St @Randy's Car Care
Caro Freight Depot ~ MC   photo link 306 Green St @tracks
Caro Facility 1551 Empire Drive @Poet Biorefining
Caro Facility 725 S Almer St @Michigan Sugar
Caro Steam Engine ~ Sweetline 1680 E Caro Rd
Fairgrove Elevator E of 2181 Main St  @ADM Edible Bean Specialties
Fairgrove Elevator SW of town 462 N Vassar Rd @Star of the West Milling Co
Gagetown Depot ~ GTW 558 Green Rd, N of Hoppe Rd (private)
Gilford Depot ~ PM moved NW of Reese
Gilford Elevator 203 S Bradleyville Rd @Starof the West Milling Co
Kingston Depot ~ GTW Kingston   Depot GTW
Mayville Elevator Railroad St @Fulton St
Mayville Caboose ~ GTW 75016 E Ohmer Rd @ Museum
Mayville Depot ~ PM E Ohmer Rd @ Museum
Mayville (Vassar) Depot ~ PM 2120 E Ohmer Rd
Millington Elevator 8457 Elevator St @Millington Elevator & Supply
Millington Rail Trail ~ Southern Links Trailway Gleason St & Cardinal Drive
Reese Diamond Crossing ~ PM/MC Meridian St @North St
Reese Elevator 9790 Center St @tracks
Reese Elevator 9715 Saginaw St @Star of the West Milling Co
Richville Bridge 400ft E of 9701 M-15 Trail Parking Lot @Cheboyganing Creek
Richville Elevator 3269 S Van Buren Rd @Star of the West Richville
Richville Trail Parking 9701 M-15 @Harger Line Trail Parking Lot
Unionville Elevator SE of town 370 W Dickerson Rd @Vita Plus Corp
Unionville Elevator 3302 Bay St @tracks
Vassar Bridge ~ MC N of 601 Water St @Cass River
Vassar Bridge ~ PM 300ft E of 499 S Main @Cass River
Vassar Depot ~ PM 2120 E Ohmer Rd, Mayville
Vassar Depot ~ MC E Huron Ave @S Sherman St
Vassar Diamond Crossing ~ PM/MC 598 Beech St @S Sherman St
Vassar Elevator 198 Sherman St @Huron Ave
Vassar Engine House ~ HESR 400 N Water St
Vassar Overpass ~ MC 416 Grant St East
Vassar Overpass ~ MC 400 Grant St West
Vassar Overpass w/murals ~ PM 499 S MainSt  @S West St


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