East Jordan & Southern

The East Jordan & Southern was originally a logging railroad, moving lumber to the mill on Lake Charlevoix in East Jordan.

It was incorporated as a common carrier in 1901, and connected to the Pere Marquette in Bellaire.

As the area became logged out, the EJ&S had permission to shut down in 1932.

Instead, they reinvented themselves, became a passenger and freight road.

They became famous for the free train rides each year on Independence Day.

They ran their farewell fan trip on August 12, 1961, and operations ceased at the end of the month.



East Jordan, MI   8/9/01



EJ&S #6  


      photo link

EJ&S M.L.1   undated, photo source unknown



East Jordan Depot 1911Postcard



#6 The "Swan City Express"




EJ&S Rolling Stock





2-6-0 Baldwin



2-6-0 Pittsburg (1909)


ML 1

gas, Plymouth



gas mechanical railcar



combine, former Chicago & Grand Trunk (1889)



converted open flat car "Swan Car"



snow plow, ex Ann Arbor


Information Source: Trains, Jan 1962 "Crossing Over Jordan"


East Jordan & Southern 1952 Map

East Jordan & Southern #2  at Mid Continent Railway and Museum

EJ&S #2 1966 photo

History of Chicago & Grand Trunk Railway Combine #1842

EJ&S M.L.1at Bellaire


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