My photos were taken in 1992 and 1993

See the aerial map for locations of building numbers

for a detailed chart of buildings and tracks see Norwood Track Chart


Northwest corner of Roundhouse (2)






Northeast rear corner of Roundhouse (2)



Round house (2) and Blacksmith Shop (11)  



Back of Roundhouse (2)



West end of Roundhouse (2)




Machine Shop (1) and Turntable




Looking East into the yard. The yellow building is the yard office (12)



looking West out of yard at 12th Ave



looking west, this track leads to the Paint Shop (3)



East end of Paint Shop (3)



cars at paint shop



looking East along car repair track at Paint Shop (4), Woodwork Shop (7), Car Dept Storage (5).



Caboose at Paint Shop (4)



Looking East, Car Dept Storage (5) on the left, cars lined up to Paint Shop (3).



grain elevator (6)



Looking West. sand tower center, fuel tanks on the left.



Close up of fueling area



Looking North, Paint Shop (4 )on the left, Woodwork Shop (7) on the right 



Scale (9)



Warehouse (10)



Blacksmith Shop (11)



looking between Boiler House (13) & Blacksmith Shop (11)



Looking East at Boiler House (13), Machine Shop (1) is on the left



SW corner of Boiler House (13)



Storage Building (14)



East end of yard Tool House & Shed (15)



Pickle Vats (16)



looking south towards yard, Warehouse (17) on the right



this is the residential area the line goes thru to get to McDonald Yard




This Building is in Green Bay




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