Keweenaw Central Railway

Freight and passenger railroad running thru the Keweenaw Peninsula,

later a tourist line operating on former Copper Range RR lines.







Copper Range 29 on Keweenaw Central    2-8-0  Alco, 1907    Copper Range 29      North Freedom, WI   Mid Continent Railway Museum



Chicago & North Western 175  4-6-0  Alco, 1908   Ripley, MI   7/26/04   This was to be used on KC as a backup engine


Copper Range 29 to Mid-Continent

Copper Range 29   2-8-0  Alco, 1907   North Freedom, WI    Mid Continent Railway Museum

Copper Range #60   Second-Class Coach, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2504, February 1903    Mid Continent Railway Museum

Keweenaw Central Railway Photos by Ted Ellis

Keweenaw Central 44  at Calumet    RR Pictures Archive

Keweenaw Central Railroad     RRHX; Railroad History of Michigan

A Ride on the Keweenaw Central


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