Lansing & St Johns Electric Interurban Railway

Electric Railway that ran from North Lansing to St Johns, became part of Michigan United Railway

electrified 1904, discontinued 1929
A portion of the original right of way remains as Loomis Rd, and also as a power company line



Merle Beach Substation



existing right of way



Right of way as seen from Chadwick Rd



Historical Marker in Dewitt


Route Map





Interurban Railways in Michigan

The Arnold Electro-Pneumatic Railway System as Employed on the Lansing, St. Johns and St. Louis Railway.

USGS: Dewitt Quadrangle Topographical Map 1916

USGS TopographicMaps      Lansing North      St Johns South   route is shown as "old railroad grade"

Wikipedia: Lansing, St. Johns and St. Louis Railway


Reference: The "Great Northern" Ghost; The Story of the Lansing-St. Johns Electric Interurban Railway by Ford Stevens Caesar


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