Lansing & St Johns Electric Interurban Railway

Electric Railway that ran from North Lansing to St Johns, became part of Michigan United Railway

electrified 1904, discontinued 1929
A portion of the original right of way remains as Loomis Rd, and also as a power company line



Merle Beach Substation



existing right of way



Right of way as seen from Chadwick Rd



Historical Marker in Dewitt


Route Map

USGS: Dewitt Quadrangle Topographical Map 1916

USGS TopographicMaps      Lansing North      St Johns South   route is shown as "old railroad grade"

Interurban Railways in Michigan

Wikipedia: Lansing, St. Johns and St. Louis Railway

Reference: The "Great Northern" Ghost; The Story of the Lansing-St. Johns Electric Interurban Railway by Ford Stevens Caesar


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