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1927-11-02   Lansing State Journal   Electric and Bus Schedule 

1954-10-24   Lansing State Journal   Few Will Weep for the Steam Engine   Lansing Roundhouse Grows Quiet With Years  

1971-08-24   Lansing State Journal   Streetcar Era Recalled


Cadillac & Lake City Railroad

1963-08-07   Lansing State Journal   New Steam Rail Line Planned

1964-04-08   Battle Creek Enquirer   Old Steam Locomotives New Tourist Attraction

1964-04-08   Petoskey News Review   New Railroad to Open at Cadillac

1964-04-09   The Escanaba Daily Press   Steam Locomotives are Fascinating Relics Now

1964-04-19   The Indianapolis Star   Steam Railroads Come To Michigan

1964-05-23   The News Palladium   Steam Trains To Puff Again

1964-06-14   Lansing State Journal   Rail Buffs Realize Dream

1964-06-18   Lansing State Journal   Rail Fete Lures 'Hoboes'

1964-06-18   Traverse City Record Eagle   New Railroad at Cadillac

1964-06-21   Dayton Daily News   Horseback Gang Holds Up Train

1964-06-22   Petoskey News Review   Holdup, Kidnaping Highlight the Start of Steam RR at Cadillac

1964-06-23  The Chicago Tribune   Steam Makes Comeback

1964-06-28   Lansing State Journal   It's a Heck of a Way to Run a Railroad...

1964-06-30   The Holland Evening Sentinel   Kidnaped By Bandit

1964-06-30   The Holland Evening Sentinel   In The Coach

1964-06-30   The Holland Evening Sentinel   Boarding The Train

1965-05-21   Lansing State Journal   Governor Will Drive Gold Spike

1966-06-09   The Windsor Star   '7470' faces new life

1968-05-12   Lansing State Journal   No. 2 Spruced Up for Movie Role pt.1

1968-05-12   Lansing State Journal   No. 2 Spruced Up for Movie Role pt.2

1968-08-10   Lansing State Journal   From Nowhere to Nowhere by Rail

1968-09-18   Lansing State Journal   Locomotive Buff

1970-09-06   Lansing State Journal   Riding A Train Just For Fun

1970-09-06   Lansing State Journal   Railroad Very Informal

1971-09-30   Lansing State Journal   Boxcars Strangle Rail Line

1971-09-30   Lansing State Journal   Boxcars Entangling Rail Line

1971-10-08   The Times Herald   Railroad Steam Engine Towed Through Port Huron

1972-07-19   Lansing State Journal   Cadillac & Lake City Railway Shut Down

1972-07-21   Lansing State Journal   Tourists Miss Train's Chug-Chug

1972-09-24   The South Bend Tribune   Michigan's Bootstrap Railroad



Marquette & Huron Mountain

1962-04-18   The Escanaba Daily Press   Tourist Railway Plans Approved

1962-10-17   The Escanaba Daily Press   Recreational Project

1962-12-14   Lansing State Journal   Goverment Will Aid U.P. Scenic Railroad

1963-06-04   The Holland Evening Sentinel   Commission Okays Sale

1963-06-06   The Escanaba Daily Press   A Thrill Train Ride For You!

1963-06-24   The Escanaba Daily Press   Vision Nears Reality

1963-10-26   The Escanaba Daily Press   Forest Blaze Burns 37 Acres in Big Bay Area

1964-04-08   Battle Creek Enquirer   Old Steam Locomotives New Tourist Attraction

1964-06-06   The Escanaba Daily Press   Scenic Railroad Starting June 13th

1964-06-12   The Escanaba Daily Press   Thunder Bay Recreation To Open Saturday

1964-07-11   The Escanaba Daily Press   LS&I Steam

1964-07-15   The SS Marie Evening News   Thunder Bay Inn Real Treat For Rail Buffs

1964-08-15   The SS Marie Evening News   Fire-Fighting Costs Paid By Railroad Firm

1974-08-18   Lansing State Journal   You Can Still Ride Iron Horse

1974-08-24   Battle Creek Enquirer   State Trains Still Have Steam

1980-09-30   Petoskey News Review   Derailed Train Loses Bell

1980-10-03   The Herald Palladium   An NMU Student Prank?

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