National New York Central Railroad Museum

Elkhart, IN   National New York Central Railroad Museum


New York Central L-3a #3001   4-8-2 "Mohawk", American Locomotive Company, 1940


New York Central #4085   E8, Electro-Motive Division of GM, 1953



Pennsylvania Railroad #4882   GG1, Pennsylvania Railroad Altoona Shops, 1939


New York, New Haven & Hartford #953 (CR #45907)   Grill-Dining Car, Pullman-Standard, 1949


Pennsylvania Railroad  (CR #45710)   RPO-Baggage Car



Chicago, South Shore & South Bend #15   Electric Commuter Car, Pullman-Standard, 1926



New York Central #21084   Bay Window Caboose, blt 1963


Conrail N21A #21230   Bay Window Caboose, Fruit Growers Express, 1978


Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern # 010   Wooden Caboose


Indiana Harbor Belt  #75   Cupola Caboose



New York Central #X-13   250 ton Crane, Industrial Brownhoist, 1946


New York Central 150-ton capacity crane X-28, built in the 1920s and based at the NYC's large Harmon Yard in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

New York Central #X-28   150 ton Crane


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