New York Central

Michigan Central

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern



New York Central 5015   Shepherd, MI   7/16/05   LW baggage/mail



New York Central 21692      SMRS




Newspaper Clips

1954-10-24 Lansing State Journal   Few Will Weep for the Steam Engine   Lansing Roundhouse Grows Quiet With Years  


Railroads Like Michigan Central Helped Create Time Zones   A look at History: Railroad Travel by Frank Straus

Michigan Central RR Carried Passengers From Detroit to Straits   A look at History: Railroads Come to the Mackinac by Frank Straus

History of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company

New York Central Historical Society

National New York Central Railroad Museum

The New York Central Railroad Co. of 1914 Family Trees

1913 MC / LS&MS Route Map

Canada Southern Railway
Reference Material

Michigan's Main Line Graydon M. Meints Michigan History Magazine Nov/Dec 93


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