Pere Marquette

The Pere Marquette was made up of an extensive number of railroads in the late 1800's

Incorporated Sep. 20,1899 as Pere Marquette Railroad Company. Reincorporated Mar. 12,1917 as Pere Marquette Railway.

Merged into Chesapeake & Ohio Apr. 1, 1947


Pere Marquette's Steam Locomotive 1225, was built by Lima Locomotive Works in 1941 as a Class N-1 Berkshire (2-8-4)

Restoration of 1225 was begun in 1971 and completed in 1988 when she ran once again under her own power

Also see Steam Railroading Institute



1223   2-8-4 Berkshire   Grand Haven   Historical Marker    Historical Marker












A5??   Manistee, MI   8/17/02



A621  also see Huckleberry Railroad









A951   Sanford Centennial Museum



A967, C&O 900697









A986   Historical Marker






Existing PM Passenger Stations

    Alden, MI   8/9/01   (Museum)

   Bad Axe, MI   10/13/02   (HESR Office, vacant?)

    Bay City, MI   (vacant)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Belding, MI   5/27/01   (offices)

   Caro, MI   9/23/01   (moved from Ubly)   (restaurant)

   Charlevoix   7/21/02   (museum)   Michigan Historical Marker

   Clare   4/29/01   (GLC)

   Clio, MI   9/2/01   (Museum)   Michigan Historical Marker

   Coleman, MI   7/14/02   (Restaurant)

   Croswell, MI   1991   (Museum)

   Deckerville, MI   museum    photo ŠAlan Loftis

  Elkton, MI   (antiques)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Elmdale, MI    4/7/02   (vacant)

    Evart, MI   5/27/01   (Offices, Museum)

   Fowlerville, MI   9/8/01   (CSX)

   Gera   (private)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Grand Blanc    5/25/02   (retail)

   Grand Haven, MI   (business office)    photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Grant, MI    7/8/01   (Restaurant)

   Greenville, MI   7/4/02   (Mid Michigan RR)

   Harbor Beach, MI   9/22/01   (motel)

   Hart, MI   (retail, storage)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Hemlock, MI   9/22/01   moved to   Saginaw Railway Museum

   Holland, MI   1991   (Amtrak)

   Howell, MI   9/8/01   (moved to Fowlerville Fairgrounds)

   Kaleva    8/17/02   (Museum)   Kaleva Depot History

   Lake Odessa, MI   5/26/01   (Museum)

   Lakeview, MI   9/9/01   (feed dealer)

    Lansing   PM & Michigan Central   (Restaurant)

   Ludington, MI   10/11/03   (vacant)

   Manistee, MI   8/17/02   (office)

   Marlette, MI   9/23/01   (vacant)   Michigan Historical Marker

   Mayville, MI   9/23/01   (Museum)

   Mayville, MI   9/23/01   (moved from Vasser)   (Real Estate office)

    McBrides, MI   2/24/02   relocated to Montcalm Community College Heritage Village

   McGregor, MI   (moved from Berkshire)   (junkyard)    photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Milford, MI   (lumber company)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Muskegon, MI   1992   (museum)   Michigan Historical Marker

   New Buffalo, MI (replica)  5/26/03   (museum)

   Novi   9/30/01   (feed dealer)

   Palms, MI   (private)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   Petoskey, MI   8/7/01   (Museum)

   Pigeon, MI   10/5/02   (museum)   Michigan Historical Marker

   Port Hope, MI   10/5/02   (vacant)

   Port Huron, MI   5/6/01   (CSX)

   Saginaw, MI   1991   Potter Street Station

   Sanford, MI   4/29/01   (museum)

   Sebewaing   10/13/02    (vacant)

   Six Lakes, MI   9/9/01   (Museum)

   St Joseph, MI   (vacant)   photo ŠAlan Loftis

   St Louis, MI   5/21/05   (Museum)

   Suttons Bay, MI   8/5/01   (Offices)

   Traverse City, MI   9/29/02   (bank)

   Vestaburg, MI    7/4/02   (vacant)  

   Watervliet, MI   9/20/03   (CSX)

   White Cloud, MI   9/9/01   (moved to a campground)

   Whitehall, MI   9/9/01   (Chamber of Commerce)

   Williamston, MI   9/8/01   (museum)



      Manistee, MI   8/17/02   (MarquetteRail)

   New Buffalo, MI   5/26/03   (gym)

   Saginaw, MI   7/10/05   (Lake States, Bluewater NRHS)


Freight House

   Coleman   7/14/02   (vacant)

   Grand Ledge, MI   7/20/08   (CSX)




   Port Huron, MI   10/5/02

   Grand River   Portland, MI   4/7/02

   Patterson Ave   Kentwood, MI   5/27/02

   Grand River   Grand Ledge, MI   5/26/08

   Grand River   Lowell, MI   6/22/08


Coaling Towers


   Lake, MI   8/17/02

   Ludington, MI   10/11/03

   Ludington, MI   8/19/01   Pere Marquette   photo ŠTim Shanahan

   New Buffalo, MI   5/26/03

   Saginaw, MI   7/10/05   Pere Marquette

   Grant, MI   Pere Marquette   7/7/01


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Reference Materials

The Pere Marquette Railroad Company by P. Ivey


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