Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon - GTW

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Ashley Gra Junction 199 N Park St
Ashley Gra Bridge 1100ft E of 7508 S Blair Rd @Bear Creek n/a
Ola Gra Depot Site E of Bagley Rd
Pompeii Gra Depot Site State St @tracks
Perrington Gra Bridge 2500ft E of N Robinson @Maple River n/a
Perrington Gra Depot Site 80 W Railroad St
Middleton Gra Depot Site Naldrett St @tracks
Carson City Mnt Yard Tracks 818 N Division St
Carson City Mnt Elevator 818 N Division St
Carson City Mnt Creek Crossing 1000ft W of 802 Williams st @Fish Creek n/a
Carson City Mnt Creek Crossing 1700ft W of 7598 S Garlock Rd @Butternut Creek n/a
Butternut Mnt Elevator 7756 North St
Butternut Mnt Creek Crossing 2300ft W of 7756 Crystal Rd @Butternut Creek n/a
Butternut Mnt Creek Crossing 1800 ft E of 7508 Sloan Rd @Butternut Creek n/a
Butternut Mnt Creek Crossing 7508 Sloan Rd @Drain Creek
Vickeryville Mnt Elevator 7495 Vickeryville Rd
Vickeryville Mnt Creek Crossing 2000ft E of 3998 E Station Rd @Prairie Creek n/a
Sheridan Mnt Depot Site 687 S Sheridan Rd
Sheridan Mnt Junction Site 200ft S of 106 Bliss Ct
Sheridan Mnt Bridge Remains 3062 Station Rd @Dickerson Creek
Millers Mnt Depot Site 3199 Station Rd
Eureka Place Mnt Flag Stop 7338 Lake Rd
Greenville Mnt Depot Site W of 701 N Lafayette St
Greenville Mnt Bridge Remains 300ft E of 1492 Shearer Rd @Flat River
Lincoln Lake Knt Grade Crossing 12801 Macclain St NE
Harvard (Griswold) Knt Grade Crossing 12416 Harvard Ave NE
Evans Knt Grade Crossing 12625 Redmond Ave NE
Sheffield Knt Grade Crossing 12628 Myers Lake Ave NE
Cedar Springs Knt Junction Site W of 411 4th St @White Pine Trail
Cedar Springs Knt Creek Crossing 850ft E of 13819 White Creek Ave NE @Cedar Creek n/a
Reeds Knt Grade Crossing 835 Indian Lakes Rd NE
Sparta Knt Junction 350 N Aspen St NW @ PM (CSX)
Sparta Knt Depot 362 N Union @Depot Museum
Sparta Knt Marker 362 N Union @Depot Museum
Gooding (Lisbon) Knt station stop 12 Mile / Coolidge St @Kenowa NW
Harrisburg Ott station stop 3399 Truman St
Slocum Mus Grade Crossing 500ft S of 13990 Laketon Ave @Crockery Creek n/a
Slocum Mus Grade Crossing 1743 S Squires Rd
Moorland Mus Grade Crossing 1481 S Moorland Rd
Muskegon Mus Creek Crossing 600ft W of 1349 Barnes Rd @Little Black Creek n/a
Muskegon Mus Creek Crossing 2600ft W of 1401 Maple Island Rd @Black Creek n/a
Muskegon Mus Coal Yard Site 88 W Laketon Ave @Jefferson St
Muskegon Mus Roundhouse Site 1357 Biedler St
Muskegon Mus Freight House 683 W Western Ave
Muskegon Mus Depot 670 W Western Ave


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