Michigan Central Battle Creek Branch

Calhoun & Branch Counties

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Battle Creek Cal Junction Main Line
Battle Creek Cal structure link
Battle Creek Cal structure Beech St Interlocking
Adams   structure link
Sonoma Cal grade Xing 4493 B Dr S
Sonoma Cal grade Xing 800ft E of 9373 Sonoma Rd @Severence Creek
Joppa Cal grade Xing 3998 H Drive S
East Leroy Cal Elevator 3985 K Dr S
Athens Twp   Xing Site 2300ft W of 4823 M-66 @Pine Creek
Athens   Bridge 900ft N of 425 Burr Oak @Nottawa Creek
Athens   Depot Site 425 Burr Oak @Railroad St
Factoryville StJ grade Xing 51508 Shorts Rd
Leonidas StJ Depot site 31299 Depot Street
Leonidas StJ Bridge Piers W of 55000Correll Rd @St Joseph River   no access
Fairfax StJ Colon Junction 30150 W M-86 @Fairfax Rd
Findley StJ Elevator Elevator
Findley StJ Xing site SW of 63856 McKale rd @Prairie River no access
Sturgis StJ Junction W of 500 N Clay @LS&MS & PRR


Abandoned Rails: Michigan
RRHX:   MC / LS&MS 1913 PDF Map
RRHX Timetable: MCRR Battle Creek Division
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