Pere Marquette Trail Guide   East to West 

Pere Marquette Rail Trail   Clare to Midland

Pere Marquette State Trail   Baldwin to Evart

Pere Marquette State Trail   Evart to Clare

Midland Tridge Trailhead 111 W Main St @ Farmers Market
Midland Parking Lot 5363 N Saginaw Rd
Sanford Bridge/Culvert Averill Creek
Sanford Parking Lot 750 Saginaw Rd @Averill Rollaway Park
Sanford Underpass 1900 N Meridan Rd
Sanford SOM Historical Marker 101 Railroad St
Sanford Parking Lot & Rest Rooms 101 Railroad St
Sanford   Bridge Tittabawassee River
Sanford Depot Museum across the street at 2222 Smith Rd
Sanford Parking Lot 500 W Saginaw Rd
Sanford   Bridge Salt River
North Bradley   Bridge Salt River
North Bradley Parking Lot & Porta Potty 3072 W Saginaw Rd
Coleman Freight 398 E Railway St
Coleman Depot 180 3rd St @Railway St
Coleman Parking Lot & Rest Rooms 180 3rd St behind Depot
Loomis Underpass 10467-10415 N Loomis Rd
Loomis Parking Lot 8789 E Saginaw Rd
Loomis Bridge Loomis 444 Extension Drain
Clare Parking Lot 5620 E Saginaw Rd
Clare Underpass Saginaw Rd / Business US-10 @US-127
Clare Bridge Pine Creek
Clare Depot not on trail, moved to 204 W 4th St
Clare Abandoned Bridge East of Trailhead @South Branch Tobacco River
Clare Parking Lot 2120 M-115 @Clare West Trailhead
Clare Bridge South Branch Tobacco River
Farwell Bridge South Branch Tobacco River
Farwell Parking Lot Corning St @ PM Trail
Farwell Culvert Overton Creek?
Farwell Culvert Elm Creek
Farwell Culvert South Branch Tobacco River
Lake Coal Dock 7491 Mystic Lake Rd
Lake Parking Lot 7841 Mystic Lake Rd
Lake Depot 7841 Mystic Lake Rd
Lake* Bridge North Branch Chippewa River
Sears Underpass 40th Ave
Evart Underpass 65th Ave
Evart Underpass 70th Ave
Evart Bridge Muskegon River
Evart Depot 200 S Main
Evart Parking Lot 200 S Main
Evart Culvert Twin Creek
Evart Culvert Thompson Creek
Evart Culvert Mud Creek
Hersey Rest Stop Muskegon River
Hersey Culvert Cat Creek
Hersey Scenic Overlook Abandoned Bridge on Muskegon River (not on trail)
Hersey Park & Ride 581 N Main St
Reed City Bridge Hersey River East
Reed City Bridge Hersey River West
Reed City Abandoned Bridge @Hersey River not on PM Trail
Reed City Culvert Hersey River
Reed City Diamond 258 N Chestnut
Reed City Park & Ride 258 N Chestnut
Reed City Depot Replica 258 N Chestnut
Reed City Park & Ride US-10 & US-131 Car Pool
Reed City Culvert? Johnson Creek
Chase Roadside Park US-10 rest stop with trail access
Chase Bridge Sanborn Creek
Baldwin Bridge Baldwin River
Baldwin Park & Ride Baldwin Trailhead on Norway St


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