Southern Michigan Railroad

Please call  517-456-7677  for information on membership and excursions.

Rides are offered over portions of the former Clinton Branch of the New York Central.





Plymouth 57



1938 Plymouth   former Hayes Albion Corp.





GMDH-3 275   built 1960 





SMRS  75   GE 44-ton, built 7/43   Former Western Maryland 75





#10 ex Detroit & Mackinac



Alco RS1 20 ex Ann Arbor 20





Alco RS1 21   ex Ann Arbor 21














Alco RS2 301   ex Ann Arbor, (Michigan Interstate) 301 exx GBW 301

This unit  moved to Minnesota in 2005, and has been scrapped, with the trucks used on DSS&A 101,












Alco RS2  303   ex Ann Arborr, (Michigan Interstate) 303 exx GBW 303   This unit was painted in NYC colors by SMRS in 1987

It moved to Minnesota in 2005, and as of 2010 it is  MRAX 1501 at Horicon WI



Interurban Car   former CSS&SB   built 1926  


NYC 4331



South Shore 36   Lenawee Junction



Ann Arbor Boxcar 1351   Lenawee Junction



AA  3296   Lenawee Junction    (ex-Pullman Emerald Vale, nee-Wetamoo) HW 8 Sect - 4 DBR sleeper



MOW 4   Lenawee Junction   This car was privately owned, and has been scrapped



Caboose  21692   former New York Central



Caboose  19882   former Penn Central




GT 750?? transfer caboose



equipment and yard area


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