Water, Coal, Gate, and Interlocking Towers

Water Towers

Fairview, Ausable Valley RR



Flint,  Huckleberry Railroad



Grant, Pere Marquette



Harrisville   Detroit & Mackinac



Ravenna, GR&I   Musketawa Trail



Sidney   Montcalm Community College Heritage Village




Waterford Twp (replica)   Waterford Township Historical Society


Coaling Towers


Augusta, Michigan Central   photo ŠTim Shanahan



Baldwin, PM



Durand, Grand Trunk



Elberta,  Ann Arbor  



Escanaba,   C&NW



Grand Haven,   Historical Marker



Lake,   Pere Marquette





Lansing   Grand Trunk   Canadian National



Ludington,   Pere Marquette     



Michigan City, IN   Michigan Central



New Buffalo,   Pere Marquette



Saginaw,  Pere Marquette  



Interlocking Towers


North Lansing   Michigan Central, moved to E. Grand River



Battle Creek, Grand Trunk     ŠTim Shanahan 12/22/03



Coopersville, Chesapeake & Ohio   (moved from Greenville)



Durand, Grand Trunk  


Grand Rapids   CSX





Hickory Corners, Michigan Central   (moved from Kalamazoo)



Holly, Grand Trunk   5/11/03



Kalamazoo   Michigan Central   BO Tower



Saginaw Mershon Tower   Saginaw Valley Railway Museum


Gate Towers

Grand Rapids   GR&I


Grand Rapids   PM/GR&I


Alba, MI: GR&I Depot and Junction Tower

Baldwin, MI: C&O/PM Coaling Tower

Carleton, MI: Junction Tower: DT&I vs. C&O  

Detroit, MI: CRSA/NYC/MC Livernois Yard and Coaling Tower

Detroit, MI: Delray Tower: PM+Wabash vs. NYC

East Lansing, MI: Trowbidge Tower: CSX+CP/PM vs. CN+CP+Amtrak/GTW1

Elmira, MI: GR&I Water Tower and Roundhouse

Extant Michigan Railroad/Railway Structures

Frankfort, MI: Ann Arbor Coal Tower, Roundhouse and Boat Landing

Kalamazoo, MI: BO Tower: NYC/MC vs. NYC/LS&MS

Lansing, MI: GTW Coaling Tower

Pontiac, MI: GTW Turntable and Coaling Tower

Romulus, MI: Junction Tower: CSX/PM vs. NS/Wabash

Sturgis, MI: RK Tower: Penn/GR&I vs. NYC/LS&MS vs. NYC/MC

Tesch, MI: Junction Tower: C&NW vs. C&NW vs. SOO(WC)


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