Grand Traverse County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Fife Lake Overpass ~ GLC US-131




Kingsley GLC bridge Swainston Creek  no access
Grawn   bridge bridge site @No Name Creek
Grawn   culvert culvert site @No Name Creek
Grawn   end of tracks  
Interlochen   Culvert 1300ft W of Railroad St @unnamed River
Traverse  City GLC bridge 1499 E River Rd
Traverse  City GLC bridge W of 548 Wellington St
Traverse  City PM depot 620 Railroad Place
Traverse  City PM engine house Boardman Yard
Traverse  City PM freight Railroad Ave
Traverse  City PM freight 201 Lake St
Traverse  City cust sidings 2252 W South Airport Dr
Traverse  City GLC tunnel 2012 N Keystone Rd
Traverse  City GLC tunnel 2100 W Hammond Rd
Traverse  City GLC yard site 265 E 14th St
Walton GLC junction M-113 & Union St
Walton GLC bridge Manistee River  no access


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