Lenawee County    Locations, Structures, Equipment, Artifacts, Etc

Adrian ADBF Shop 708 E Michigan St
Adrian DT&I Freight Depot 101 Race St @Kiwanis Trail
Adrian DT&I River Raisin Bridge Trestle Park @Kiwanis Trail
Adrian DT&I River Raisin Bridge Spring St @Kiwanis Trail
Adrian DTI Bridge? Kiwanis Trail Parking @Riverside Park
Adrian Haunted Trestle 5668 Bailey Hwy S of Gier Rd
Adrian LS&MS Stone Arch Bridge 650 W Beecher ST @ River Raisin
Adrian LS&MS Roundhouse 914 E Michigan St
Adrian Wabash Depot 1595 E Maumee St @Wabash St
Blissfield LS&MS Bridge Over Nothing 154 W Adrian St
Blissfield LS&MS Bridge 298 W Adrian St @River Raisin
Blissfield LS&MS Depot 109 N Lane St
Blissfield ADBF Depot 301 E Adrian St @Old Road Dinner Train
Blissfield Toledo & Western Depot 118 W Adrian St @Pearl St
Cement City Cinn Northern Depot 135 Main St @Village Office
Cement City Cinn Northern Bridge 1100ft W of 11699 Cement City Highway @Goose Creek  n/a
Cement City Cinn Northern Bridge 549 Peninsular St @LS&MS Crossing
Clinton LS&MS Freight Depot 320 Division St @SMRS
Grosvenor Abandoned Bridge 1800 ft W of 5400 Crockett Hwy n/a
Grosvenor Rail Cars 8018 Driggs Rd @Grosvenor Hwy
Hudson Cinn Northern Abandoned Bridge 800ft W of 1698 Dowling Hwy n/a
Hudson LS&MS Bridge 102 E Main St @Bean Creek
Hudson Cinn Northern Bridge 52 Jackson St @Bean Creek
Holoway Wabash Depot 2724 Rogers Hwy (private home)
Morenci LSMS? Bean Creek Bridge 3000ft NE of W Ridgeville Rd n/a
**Morenci LSMS? Bridge 6840 W Horton Rd @Bear Creek
Morenci LSMS? Bridge 11957 W Ridgeville Rd @Lime Creek
Morenci LSMS? Bridge 16300 Morenci Rd @Deer Creek
Morenci Toledo & Western Depot 477 W Main St
Morenci Toledo & Western Freight 477 W Main St
Palmyra LS&MS River Raisin Bridge 500ft N of 4500 Deerfield Rd @River Raisin
Palmyra LS&MS Junction 5830 Deerfield Rd
Palmyra SMRS Rail Cars 1399 Lenawee Hwy
Palmyra Toledo & Western Switch Bldg 4651 U.S. 223
Riga CN Bridge 13190 U.S. 223 overpass
Tecumseh LS&MS Depot 198 E Chicago Blvd @S Ottawa St
Tecumseh LS&MS Bridge Red Mill Pond   no road access
Tecumseh LS&MS Bridge 3600 N Raisin Center Hwy



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