Michigan Northern Railway Company

Incorporated Mar. 18, 1976 to operate former GR&I (Penn Central) rails for the State of Michigan.


"MIGN ran on the old GR&I mainline from Grand Rapids to Mackinaw City where they served the Chief Wawatam car ferry until it's demise.

Just north of Cadillac, at Walton Junction, they also ran the GR&I branch to Traverse City and also served the ex C&O (PM) line from Traverse

City to Grawn and Traverse City to Williamsburg. At Petoskey, they returned to C&O rails and serviced Charlevoix. I'm not quite sure what role

they played on the former Ann Arbor mainline but I think from Cadillac to Alma (east) and from Cadillac to Yuma (west) where there is a large

silica sand plant now serviced by the Tuscola and Saginaw Bay. I loved the MIGN when it ran and was very saddened to hear Michigan broke

their contract with them (to this day I still don't know why). Agreement was cancelled Oct. 1, 1984"

(above info provided by USPatriot43)


Michigan Northern Railway History

This short history of the Michigan Northern Railway was put together around 1998 by Fred Paepke from an article in TRAINS magazine,

and some local news paper articles from the period.  used with permission



Baldwin RS12


 212  ex SCL 212, exx SAL 1471





213  ex SCL 213, exx SAL 1472





215 ex SCL 215, exx SAL 1474



Baldwin RF16 "Sharks"



1205  ex D&H 1205 exx MGA 1205, exxx NYC 1205



1216  ex D&H 1216, exx MGA 1216, exxx NYC 1216








1501  ex GBW 304






1553 ex LIRR 1554




1554 ex C&NW 1554, exx C&NW 303, exxx Litchfield & Madison 303



1601 ex SOU 151, exx CofG 151



1617  ec C&NW 1617




2037 ex SOU 2037




4000 ex SP






1601 ex N&IM 1601, exx SCRZ 6500, exxx CC 6500, exxxx UP 106, exxxxx UP 706




1602 ex N&IM 1602, exx CC 6501, exxx UP 109, exxxx UP 709



1603 ex Dakota southern 153, exx ACR 153




1604  ex    SBD 2347, exx  L&N 1721; 458; 2347, exxx NC&StL 721



1605  ex ACR 160




1606 ex ACR 164



1607  ex TP&W 102




1608   ex TP&W 103


PNC 172   leased unit



PNC 1505   leased unit ex FEC 607



PNC 539   leased unit ex SLSF 539



CNW 4552  leased unit; ex CRI&P 4550, exx CRI&P 1304





C&O 5800 leased unit



C&O 6151  leased unit



Alco S4



AT&SF 1519  leased unit;  to Indiana Hi Rail 119





   Wisconsin Southern RR rebuild line  

 671 Steam Generator Car  ex AMTK 467, exx UP 697B



Rolling Stock


Pullman WP/D&RG ~ AC 404 ~ Boyne City 404 ~ MIGN 404 ~ KLS&C 917




Boxcars 100002, 757 & 760   





June 11th, 1983



July 1-11, 1983



July 16, 1985


Michigan Northern Roster




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Diesel Era J/A 92 Baldwin’s Light Road Switcher - the RS12 Warren Calloway

Extra 2200 Issues:64,72,75,77,80,82,84,85,93,113

Trains August 1978 "Sharks survive -once again" James W. Thomas

Trains October 1978 "Michigan Metamorphosis" Ron Cady


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