Soo Line / DSS&A  



4-6-2  2718   Green Bay, WI   1992   National Railroad Museum



Soo Line 2645   4-6-0 Brooks, 1900   North Freedom, WI   Mid Continent Railway Museum



Soo Line 730   4-6-2  Alco, 1911   Gladstone, MI




Soo Line 950   Ashland, WI


DSS&A #101   RS-1, Alco, 1945



ex Soo Line 103   French Lick, IN   5/3/03   Indiana Railway Museum



DSS&A 104   Alco RS-1   Marquette, MI  



DSS&A 203   Baldwin DRS6-6-1500   Marquette, MI   8/16/61   photo ©Robert C Anderson



Soo Line 386   Baldwin DRS6-6-1500   ex DSS&A 202   Marquette, MI   8/16/61



Soo Line 390   Baldwin AS-616   ex DSS&A 206   Houghton, MI   11/28/62   photo ©Robert C Anderson



FP-7 2500   Duluth, MN   7/5/05   Lake Superior Railroad Museum






GP30 700    Lake Superior Railroad Museum


956   GP20m   ex 249 GP9   to   SOO 956   GP9m



Soo Line  261   Houghton County Historical Museum



Caboose 99017   Lake Superior Railroad Museum



Caboose 99085   Mid Continent Railway Museum



Caboose 5001   Illinois Railway Museum



Caboose 162   Illinois Railway Museum



Boxcar 1103   Hermansville



moved to depot 9/16/18     





DSS&A Sleeper  "Sault Ste Marie"   blt 1902, Barney & Smith



ex DSS&A coach 31



Soo Line X-120   Escanaba, MI   7/7/05   (ex-1124) HW dining car converted (4/56) to MofW



Soo Line 1356







Bruce Crossing   (crafts & antiques)



Calumet   (vacant)



Gladstone  (this building has been torn down)



Manistique   (Wisconsin Central)



Marquette  (offices)



Marquette   (vacant)






Negaunee    (business)



Negaunee   (vacant)



Newberry  (Wisconsin Central)




St Ignace



Seney  (museum)



Trout Creek   (library)



Trout Lake   (Wisconsin Central)



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