Houghton County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts
Boston Bridge ~ SOO 1000ft E of Co Rd F-19 @Boston Creek & Hancock-Calumet Trail
Calumet Bridge ~ DSS&A/C&H 450ft NW of Co Rd C-45 & Spruce St
Calumet Bridge ~ SOO 180ft E of Tecumseh Rd @Dover Creek
Calumet Depot ~ DSS&A/MR 883 Oak St
Calumet Roundhouse ~ C&H 1001 Depot St @Mine St
Calumet Snow Plow ~ C&H 110 Red Jacket Rd @Coppertown Mining Museum
Chassell Bridge ~ SOO 709 Wilson Memorial Hwy - M41 @Pike River
Chassell Bridge ~ RR 550ft E of 715 Wilson Memorial Hwy - M41 @Pike River
Freda Depot ~ CR 49522 Superior View Rd
Freeda Speeder ~ CR Freda ???
Hancock Car Barn ~ HCT 1028 Ethel Ave @Park St
Hancock Incline Railway ~ Q&TL 49750 US-41 @Quincy Mine
Hancock Roundhouse ~ Q&TL Roundhouse Rd & US-41 @Quincy Mine
Hancock Steam Engines ~ Q&TL 49750 US-41 @Quincy Mine
Houghton Depot ~ DSS&A 500 E Lakeshore Dr @Huron St
Houghton Depot ~ CR 342 W Lakeshore Dr
Houghton Bridge ~ CR/DSS&A Portage Lake
Hubble Depot DSS&A/MR E 12th St & M-26
Kenton Bridge ~ RR M-28 @Jumbo River & Bergland to Sidnaw Rail Trail
Lake Linden Caboose ~ SOO Houghton County Historical Museum
Lake Linden Depot ~ DSS&A Houghton County Historical Museum
Lake Linden Steam Engine ~ DSS&A Houghton County Historical Museum
Painsdale Office ~ CR Hubbard Ave 


Lake Linden C&H   Houghton County Historical Museum
Lake Linden HCT substation? 925 9th St @Gregory St
Painsdale CR    
Painsdale CR mine Champion Mine
Pilgrim RR bridge 7 US-41 @Pilgrim River & Boardwalk Trail
Redridge A&LS abnd bridge Co Rd S-554 @Redridge Falls & Salmon Trout River
Toivola CR section house moved about .5 mi south from original site, on Misery Bay Rd


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Substreet: Quincy Smelter
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