Kalamazoo County Links to Existing Structures, Equipment & Artifacts

 Alamo Passenger Car 6225 W D Ave @The Club Car Grille
*Augusta Bridge ~ MC 425 E Michigan Ave @N Branch Kalamazoo River
Augusta Caboose ~ DT&SL/GTW 75176 13740 Augusta Drive (private)
Augusta Coal Tower ~ MC 100ft East of 13030 E Beckwith Dr
Augusta Depot ~ MC 111 E Michigan Ave @city park
Augusta Elevator 110 S Water St @Knappen Milling
*Kalamazoo Bridge ~ Abandoned S of KRV Trail @Kalamazoo River
Kalamazoo Bridge ~ Amtrak/ Grand Elk 699 E Michigan Ave @Kalamazoo River &Vet Memorial & trail
Kalamazoo Bridge ~ Amtrak/ Grand Elk 923 E Michigan Ave @M43 Overpass
Kalamazoo Bridges (3) West of 4108 Lovers Ln @Portage Creek & Blanche Hull Park
Kalamazoo Bridge West of 439 Egleston Ave @Portage Creek (no access)
Kalamazoo Bridge 226 ft East of 265 S Pitcher St @Portage Creek
Kalamazoo Bridge ~ Amtrak 9620 Stadium Drive @Overpass
Kalamazoo Caboose ~ BCG&A 802 9336 N Riverview Dr @Kalamazoo Model RR Club
Kalamazoo Caboose ~ C&NW 10734 1570 W South St (private)
Kalamazoo Caboose ~ EJ&E 528 4143 10th St N @Kal-Haven Trail Parking Lot
Kalamazoo Caboose ~ RDG as DT&I 134 3575 E T Ave (private)
Kalamazoo Depot ~ MC/Amtrak 459 N Burdick St @Kalamazoo Station
Kalamazoo Depot ~ CK&S 542 E Michigan Ave @CK&S??
Kalamazoo Depot ~ GR&I 414 E Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo Depot Interurban 1 169 Portage St @Interurban 1st
Kalamazoo Depot Interurban 1 N Rose & Water St @Interurban 2nd
*Kalamazoo Freight ~ GR&I 414 S Pitcher St
Kalamazoo Freight ~ GTW 427 E Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo Freight ~ LS&MS 402 E Kalamazoo Ave
Kalamazoo Tower ~ BO 80 Porter St
Kalamazoo Yard ~ Grand Elk 5342 E N Ave / Kilgore Rd @Kilgore Yard
Kalamazoo Yard ~ Grand Elk 75 Mills St @Grand Elk North Yard
Parchment Bridge ~ CK&S 735 Commerce Ln @ Kalamazoo River Abandoned
Parchment Bridge ~ Grand Elk 2130ft N of 601 E Mosel Ave @Kzoo River & Kzoo Valley River Trail
Portage Bridges (3) 5018 Lovers Ln 3 bridges @Portage Creek & Trail  
Schoolcraft Caboose ~ GTW location???
Schoolcraft Depot ~ GTW 505 South St
Vicksburg Bridge ~ GR&I Portage River North
Vicksburg Bridge ~ GR&I Portage River South
Vicksburg Caboose ~ GTW 300 N Richardson @Depot Museum
Vicksburg Depot ~ GTW 300 N Richardson @Depot Museum
Vicksburg Freight ~ Replica 300 N Richardson @Depot Museum
Vicksburg Rail Cars 300 N Richardson @Depot Museum

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