Interurban Railroads in Michigan


Lost Railway Museum



Ahmeek Station   Houghton County Traction Company



Albion   Main Office Building   Jackson & Battle Creek Interurban Railway



Berrien Springs


Caspian      Iron River Stambaugh & Crystal Falls Street Railway #5532



Clinton   Interurban Car   former CSS&SB built 1926



South Shore 36   Lenawee Junction, MI   8/28/05



Coloma   Coloma Interurban Depot



Coopersville (moved from Spring Lake)   Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon  



Coopersville  (Museum)   Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon       Michigan Historical Marker 



Dewitt  Historical Marker   Lansing & St. Johns Electric Interurban Railway      Lansing, St. Johns and St. Louis Railway



East Lansing   Collegeville / East Lansing



Farmington Powerhouse ~ DUR      31600 Grand River




Forest Grove   4020 22nd Ave, Hudsonville



Fruitport Car Barn   169 Park St   photo link




Hancock   Houghton County Traction Company.   car barn  





Haslett   Interurban Pathway and Bridge over Pine Lake Outlet. Bridge replaced 2019



Jackson   DUR car barn


Kalamazoo  MUR Maintenance Car


Kalamazoo   MUR    1st Depot      169 Portage St @The Station Dance Studio


Kalamazoo   MUR   2nd Depot   Lawrence and Chapin Building       229 N Rose St @Water St



Kalamazoo   Michigan United Railways Car barn



Lima Center   Detroit, Jackson & Chicago Railway



Leslie   waiting room from Teaspoon Corners (North Leslie)      305 E Race St



Marne   Grand Rapids Grand Haven & Muskegon    Interurban Depot Cafe




Marshall   Interurban Depot   J&BCT   Michigan Historical Marker      220 W Michigan Ave @Walters Gasoline Museum



Mason   MUR remains of North Bridge Sycamore Creek   S Lansing St & W Maple St



Michigan Center   Detroit, Jackson & Chicago Railway      4654 Page Ave



Mohawk (Albion Station)   Houghton County Traction Company         94-98 Rockland St @Lake Superior Glass Works


Palmyra   T&W Switch Building



Parma   Jackson & Battle Creek Interurban Railway   Interurban Depot



Rives Junction   Lansing & Jackson



St Johns   Merle Beach Substation   Lansing & St. Johns Electric Interurban Railway   Lansing, St. Johns and St. Louis Railway




Zeeland   Grand Rapids, Holland, & Chicago   moved from ???


Newspaper Clippings

1927-11-02 Lansing State Journal   Electric and Bus Schedule

1971-08-24 Lansing State Journal   Streetcar Era Recalled




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