Rail Passenger Cars and Equipment


Adrian & Blissfield


Roaring Fork 6742   (ex SP) LW  economy baggage car   renamed Watts Creek



Baggage Car   Blissfield, MI   8/28/05   LW baggage - express



River Raisin   (Ex-VIA, nee-CN) LW Canadian Flyer coach



Columbia River   (ex-UP 6202, nee-Columbia River)   ACF LW club - lounge



Hudson River   (ex-LIRR) LW suburban coach



Rising Mountain Park   Blissfield, MI   8/28/05   VIA 15512 (ex-CP 15412) Budd dome - sleeper - lounge observation



5210   (ex-VIA, nee-CN) LW Canadian Flyer coach, in use by the "Department of Conservation of Michigan"


Bluewater Michigan Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society   bluewaternrhs.com


BMCX 6604 Tavern Lounge Observation


Boyne City Railroad


NE 24199 Standish, MI   7/25/10



NE 24551   Standish, MI



Cadillac & Lake City



former Chicago and Western Indiana RR Stillwell coach used on CLC    Rockford, MI   Reading Books in Rockford




Rockford, MI   8/16/06    İAaron Tanzabel



Charlotte Southern


5206 Butternut Creek   Charlotte, MI



2502 Battle Creek   (ex-VIA, exx-CN 3018, nee-5615) LW bar - lounge - snack bar, rblt. from 44-seat coach, buffet lounge, originally 80-seat coach.



5874 Food Prep Car



cars in storage 



Coopersville & Marne


4345    (NYC?, EL, DL&W)



5108   (Canadian National)



4445   (EL, DL&W)



4974   (Canadian National)



4966   (Canadian National)



7010 (6)   (Wabash 1803, KLS&C)



Coopersville & Marne 3 (703) ex KLSC




2 cars in Marne



Detroit & Mackinac


3, 4, & 5



2   (ex-C&O 5) HW business car


100 J&S wood vestibule cafe-lounge observation   Carillon Historical Park  Dayton, OH




Combine W60   wood baggage/mail



203   Caboose, former Troop Sleeper



209   Caboose, former Troop Sleeper



Cheboygan Office  (former Troop Sleeper)








DSS&A Sleeper  "Sault Ste Marie"   blt 1902, Barney & Smith


Escanaba & Lake Superior


Turner, MI  (previously used as a school)



Soo Line X-120   Escanaba, MI   (ex-1124) HW dining car converted (4/56) to MofW



ex Via cars   Escanaba, MI


1366   French Lick IN   Indiana Railway Museum



Wells, MI  




Escanaba 1974




Alamo   former KLS&C  blt 1908 Pullman



Coopersville & Marne 3  ex KLSC



Little River Railroad


1414  "The Solomon"   HW Pullman sleeper - lounge observation



5205   (ex-USA) troop sleeper



2594      Mod. HW baggage - coach   "Chester R Bloom"



633   (ex-MILW) LW coach



605   (ex-MILW) LW coach



Marquette & Huron Mountain


coach #105   Marquette, MI   undated



ex DSS&A coach 31



coach 2393



former MHM Stillwell car   Connersville, IN   7/2/06   photo İAaron Tanzabel



Southern Michigan


MOW 4   Lenawee Junction, MI   8/28/05   (scrapped)



CSS&SB 36   Lenawee Junction, MI   8/28/05



CSS&SB 1  Clinton, MI   10/19/03   built 1926  



AA  3296  (ex-Pullman Emerald Vale, nee-Wetamoo) HW 8 Sect - 4 DBR sleeper





MITRAIN 18553   Durand, MI   5/15/11



Steam Railroading Institute

CN 5226


CN 5228



Owosso   C&O 1615 (ex-C&O) PS LW corrugated 52-seat coach.



C&O 2624 City of Ashland   PS corrugated 10 Rmt - 6 DBR sleeper.



MSTX 462  (ex-C&NW, exx-CGW, nee-C&O) HW baggage - coach



PPCX 1610  (ex-AMTK, exx-1426, nee-USA 89516) LW baggage - dorm rebuilt from U.S. Army hospital ward car



Owosso, MI   9/3/05



(ex-USA 89639) StLCCo. streamlined troop kitchen converted to baggage



D&M 7    (ex-USA) generator car rebuilt from troop sleeper



Grand Trunk


Chicago, Detroit and Canada Grand Trunk Junction 1842   Port Huron, MI   9/19/08   photo İDavid Dell



C&O Business Car #4   Cambridge Junction, MI   8/28/05  



Durand, MI     GTW HW baggage express



Grand Trunk, 2579   Conway, MI   8/10/03



Grand Trunk 5320   Conway, MI   8/10/03



Lake Central


Hillsdale   7/11/04





AA 383295   Owosso, MI   3/2/00   HW baggage - express converted to MofW service (formerly wood sheathed)   photo İDennis Schmidt




New York Central 5015   LW baggage/mail



Frankfort   car is gone from Frankfort, appears to be similar to B&O 911516









Rapid River   GBW



Paw Paw   Warner Vineyards      2011 Flickr photo link



Bad Axe   Huron & Eastern Business Car   ex-SOU) Mod. HW business car, rblt. from baggage - coach



Lansing   MC 5310  



Saginaw   Southern P&C Express   HW baggage/coach



Allendale   CRIP Golden Vista   PS buffet - parlor, rebuilt. from buffet - parlor observation






Owosso   TSBY 15481 ex-VIA, nee-CN) steam generator car



Walled Lake   Coe Rail    PRR generator car    



Imlay City   Imlay City Historical Museum 






New Buffalo







LS&I #1

LS&I #64


Pullman State Historic Site

Bluewater Michigan Chapter National Railway Historical Society

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