Grand Trunk Western  




1000 - 1003 CS-9   (rebuilt from S4)



SW900 7266   Durand, MI   5/1/91



Alco RS-1 1950 & 1951



4134 - 4139   GP9 





4427 - 4450   GP9







4600 - 4635   GP9r



4700 - 4707   GP18




 4900 - 4952   GP9





5800-5811   GP38AC




 5812 - 5861   GP 38-2



 5930 - 5937   SD40-2



6221 - 6228   GP38-2


625 - 6254   SD38



6400 - 6405   GP40



8196 - 8205  Alco S4





Rolling Stock


Hopper  GT 85436   Blissfield, MI   8/28/05



Grand Trunk 51077   "Bertha:


Grand Trunk Western Cabooses


Steam Engines


6325   4-8-4  Alco,1942   Battle Creek   1991   Restored to operation   Age of Steam Roundhouse



5030   4-6-2  Baldwin, 1912   Jackson, MI   R.A. Green Park  



5632   4-6-2  Baldwin, 1929   Durand, MI  





Grand Trunk  7456   0-6-0  Grand Trunk, 1920   Sydney, MI   2/24/02   Montcalm Community College Heritage Village



6315   4-8-4 Alco 1942    1957 photo   Carl H Sturner collection



6410   4-8-4 Lima 1938   1957 photo   Carl H Sturner collection



GTW Passenger Cars


Chicago, Detroit and Canada Grand Trunk Junction 1842   2015 photo      510 Thomas Edison Pkwy @Thomas Edison Depot Museum



Durand, MI     GTW HW baggage express      299 W Clinton St



Grand Trunk, 2579   Conway, MI   8/10/03      6028 US-31 @GT Passenger Cars



Grand Trunk 5320   Conway, MI   8/10/03      6028 US-31 @GT Passenger Cars



Paw Paw   GTW 5313      2013 photo     2021 photo      706 S Kalamazoo St @Warner Vineyards




C&O Business Car #4   Cambridge Junction, MI   8/28/05  


LRRR 1414   2018 photo




Passenger and Freight Depots


Armada   moved, private owner



Bellevue   business



Birmingham   restaurant



Capac    museum



Cassopolis   vacant






Davison   moved to Huckleberry Railroad



Dryden   museum    Michigan Historical Marker



Durand   Durand Union Station - Michigan Railroad History Museum, Amtrak   Michigan Historical Marker



Fenton    museum




Flushing    Flushing Area Historical Society





Gaines   library




Grand Haven   Grand Trunk    Tri-Cities Historical Museum   Grand Trunk Depot




 Grand Rapids     business



Hamburg    private, storage






Imlay City   Imlay City Historical Museum 



Ionia    hair salon



Jackson    restaurant



Kalamazoo    business



Kingston    museum






Lansing    restored 2013   Michigan Historical Marker




Lapeer   Amtrak



Millett   Millett Depot History   Lansing Model RR Club





Montrose   restored, move to M-57



 Mt. Clemens    Michigan Transit Museum


Muskegon     vacant


Muskegon     vacant



New Haven   business





Owendale     private residence



Owosso    Elks Club




Pigeon    Pigeon Historical Society    Michigan Historical Marker



Pinckney   restoration



Port Huron   Thomas Edison Depot Museum



Saranac   museum



Schoolcraft    CN



South Lyon   museum   Michigan Historical Marker






Sparta   museum   Michigan Historical Marker




Spring Lake    antiques





St Johns    museum, art gallery    Clinton Northern Railway  



Vernon   (moved to Durand)   golf course



Vicksburg    Vicksburg Depot Website  



Vicksburg   Grand Rapids & Indiana, Grand Trunk   Museum



Walled Lake    Coe Rail  



Washington   party store   Alan Loftis photo    








Durand Newberry Rd overpass





Ionia   Grand River Bridge    Grand River Valley Trail



Ionia   Prairie Creek Bridge   CIS Trail






Lansing   East Red Cedar River Bridge



Lansing   West Red Cedar River Bridge



Lansing   Pennsylvania Ave overpass



Muir   Maple River Bridge



Muir   Stoney Creek Bridge   CIS Trail



Ovid   Alder Creek   CIS Trail






Pewamo   M-21 overpass   Owosso - Grand Haven line    abandoned



Pewamo   Lost Creek   CIS Trail





Shepardsville   Little Maple River   CIS Trail



Sheridan   Station Rd bridge remains








Grand Haven,   Historical Marker



Battle Creek Interlocking   ŠTim Shanahan 12/22/03



Durand, Grand Trunk  













Car Ferry



Ann Arbor City of Milwaukee, former GT



Muskegon Car Ferry Dock


Grand Trunk Western Diesel Roster prior to 1982

Canadian National Diesel Roster

Grand Trunk Western System Map

Grand Trunk Western Historical Society

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